I may have thought that tonight’s burger-centered storyline on How I Met Your Mother was a tad ridiculous if not for one small fact. I can totally relate. My ex was obsessed with a giant burger sold at a Fuddrucker’s in our home state, that was almost 30 pounds and cost $250. Reservations had to be made at least 48 hours in advance and I’m pretty sure you’d have to bring everyone you ever knew to finish that baby off. We never did have that burger but boy, did we talk about it! Tonight, Wendy, the MacLarens waitress, let the gang know that there’s a new cook who makes the best burgers. Don’t tell Marshall about New York’s best burger. He knows all about it. He once had the greatest burger ever, 8 years ago, but has no idea where the place is.

When Marshall first moved to New York City, he thought it was so scary that he hardly ever left his apartment. Ted sent him out to go walk around and realize that it’s not so bad and in turn, he found the greatest little burger joint that man has ever known. Unfortunately for Marshall, he forgot where that place is and has been searching for it ever since. People always try to tell him the place he was thinking of but they’re always wrong. Marshall isn’t the only one who’s looking for that burger place. Regis Philbin, who works out at Barney’s gym, knows all about it and is dying to find it!

Meanwhile, it’s tough for Barney to focus and help Marshall track this place down because he’s too busy going on and on about Goliath National Bank, which his company just bought. They’ve got everything a person could ever ask for and he makes sure to announce every perk every opportunity he gets. While the gang goes around the city on a wild good chase, Robin can’t seem to get a bite of food in before everyone is running off somewhere else. At one point, she even tries to eat food off of the ground! Gross!

When Marshall and company finally make it what they think is the correct location, it’s been replaced by a Goliath National Bank ATM. Lily screams that GND is the worst bank in the world but she puts her foot in her mouth when Marshall reveals that he got a job there. In fact, that’s the entire reason Barney was singing its praises all day and night. A man offers everyone the correct location of the burger joint for $100. Thank God for Goliath National Bank ATMs! Regis meets up with Marshall and the two agree that this is the place that they’ve been searching for!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV