Jessie Godderz‘ eviction from Big Brother 10 can be blamed on America. With the vote tied 3-3, it was Dan’s vote that decided who would go home, and as America’s Player, he was required to go along with the will of the people, and that was for Jessie to go home.

BuddyTV spoke to Jessie about his eviction from Big Brother 10. Jessie spoke about the America’s Player twist (which he figured out during the awkward hug Dan gave him), the accusations that he’s “arrogant” and who he thinks his good friend Michelle will try to evict now that she’s the Head of Household. Continue reading for a full transcript or to listen to the interview.

Hi this is John from BuddyTV and we’re talking to Jessie from Big Brother 10. How’s it going?

Oh not too badly man, what’s going on?

Okay. Now last night Julie Chen teased the big reveal that she was going to reveal something, then this morning on The Early Show you found out about the America’s player twist, so what was your reaction to that?

Both Michelle and myself already knew that Dan was America’s player after his little action with myself in the spa room. Right after that I went and told Michelle and it was very apparent after that, and even more so now, and I almost called him out on it in my speech before the nomination and I should have at least said something after I was evicted. But you only have a minute and I was trying to help Michelle out a little bit and make sure that both ourselves and Memphis stays straight, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Were you sort of at least surprised, then, that America sort of became fixated with you? First asking Dan to do the hug, and then wanting to evict you, sort of that you were the focus of all of America’s votes really.

Initially it would go off of my face and I think that they were trying to play off of that in the sense of they do see the person I really am, in the sense of I have the same mind mentality as maybe at the same level as Dan, and it would be easiest for him to do that. But if you watch the tape I tried pulling away and it was one of those awkward like Dan like held on type of things, and that was right there I was like, “Okay.” That and the fact he sat there and stared at himself and made sure he was trying to cry in the mirror. So, both of those things didn’t help him out. But on top of that– Just say the question again?

Yeah. Oh, just about sort of being–

The target?

Of being, America constantly voting for you, what do you think made you stand out on the show then for America to like pick on you so much, I guess?

I wouldn’t say it would be picking on me so much, I think it’s just initially I have a pretty strong personality, I’m going to stand up for what’s right. That’s what brought attention to myself but that’s not what got me out of the house. Everybody says that me sleeping so much, and me doing this, and da da da da. When it all boils down to it, the fans, friends, and family members of Keesha, Libra, Renny, and Memphis were all telling Dan in America’s vote to vote me out, and I might have had obviously my friends, family, and fans as well as a couple other hit and miss spots with everybody else’s, but obviously it was going to benefit them more so in the game to try and persuade Dan to vote me out. Dan had a personal demon to face when he obligated himself to his word when he said that $500,000 isn’t worth him going back on his word and what he believes, but apparently it is and that’s hypocritical.

I stayed constant the entire game, I had the mindset of being respectful. If somebody can point the finger at one incident I can easily justify any to all of my actions throughout the whole game. I’m not outside the house because I slept, I’m not outside the house because I stuck up for those people or myself, it’s because they decided to tell Dan to vote the way he did. And initially he had to have hinted to Renny, Keesha, and Libra that he was going to do so, which means that they knew something was going on when, again, Dan gave the HoH title that his word that he was going to vote however they saw fit to whoever they wanted to get out, and April obviously wanted Memphis out and then Dan again swore on not only his cross but his bible to Jerry himself. In more ways than one, America’s player kind of didn’t do what he should of in his best judgment to further himself in the game as far as I’m concerned, but I could be wrong.

And well speaking of that, now with Michelle as HoH, she was probably the person in the house I think you were closest to, and she vowed sort of vengeance for the people who got you out. So do you think she’s going to blame Dan, is she going to blame Libra, who’s she going to go after this week?

She’ll vote both of them up, but more so Libra will be the one walking out of the door because of the fact that’s the way she will tell Ollie, April, and Jerry to vote and then she’ll be the deciding vote and that won’t be able to be swayed. That won’t be able to be interfered with, they all have the same enemies as of right now. Again, everything changes week to week, it’s very apparent that it does that except for me being on the block or HoH, or the whole “arrogant” comment which we haven’t got to yet, but we’ll see if we get there. But the ball’s in her court and she brought the game to them as of right now, and I wish I could have stayed an extra week because I would have finally been on top as opposed to fighting every single week.

Yeah, exactly. And that was one of the things where, because when Julie said some people were calling you arrogant, it was a case where perhaps it was the case when you were HoH, and I think that’s probably the case with whoever becomes HoH, but every other week you were the target. So what do you think made you the target of everyone, like every single time people wanted to put up?

Regardless of whether I was the target or not, I wasn’t the one that was going to be going out of the house so I couldn’t have played the game any better. It’s very apparent, again, as opposed to having not being able to sway all six million viewers of Big Brother to vote for me to stay in the house as opposed to Memphis, that’s apparently my only downfall but I couldn’t control that.

That point being, week one I got put up for standing up for myself, and then Julie said that she did, but the best analogy, simile I can give you would be if Renny went up to your car window and you’re standing right by it and she blasts out your windshield and then stands there and says, “What? What?” And you’re sitting there and you’re like, “You just smashed out my windshield.” And she goes, “Well, I’m sorry.” And you’re like, “Oh, so you’re sorry that you just smashed out my windshield, and that’s supposed to be a sincere apology.” When at the beginning she tried to defend her actions by saying, “What?” But if she would have actually told me the very next morning after she had time to think about it and understand what she did wrong and then apologize and it was actually sincere instead of being a loaded, insincere apology to begin with. Which I didn’t even take, hence why I said she didn’t apologize, because in my eyes she didn’t. She just did the thing that she felt obligated to do because I wasn’t leaving he bathroom.

And initially if I would have took myself off the block, she would be the one that was going out the door anyway, she is totally oblivious to that fact. Week two, yes, I did win HoH and I was sleeping all the time up in the HoH room, but everybody felt obligated to come up there and wake me up and talk to me. As opposed to during week one when I was taking all my naps, during week three when I was taking all my naps, during week four when I was taking all my naps, nobody felt obligated besides Michelle to come talk to me because it wasn’t going to benefit them in the game. But now they want to point the finger at me during week four, “Oh, well you sleep so much, and you were so arrogant, and you were so cocky.” It’s like, no. Again, arrogant is a pretty vague word. If somebody wants to say I’m arrogant to the fact I work out or I’m arrogant to do so, a different person would be able to say, “No, he’s dedicated to his physique and he’s dedicated and determined to make it better day in and day out.”

A person standing right next to them would say, “Oh, he’s obsessed with his body,” or, “He’s obsessed with working out.” When again, I take two days off and I’m only in the gym for an hour and a half, so I only work out five days a week. It just depends who you talk to and what they see and then what comes out of their mouth. Everybody has their own opinion, but arrogant is pretty vague. I don’t see how I can be arrogant when I was on the block again three out of the four weeks. I never said I felt safe, even when Angie had the eight to zero vote, I didn’t say I felt safe. And again, I lost 12 pounds, so that’s even more so.

Obviously I was stressed out, mentally I was stable or confident in my actions in the house, and if I was going to walk out of the house that was fine. As far as I’m concerned I didn’t walk out of the house because of my actions inside the house, it was because of it was going to benefit America in the sense of the four people that I just said, being Libra, Renny, Keesha, and Memphis, and all their friends, family, and fans, to keep Memphis inside the house so they get father as opposed to the underdog, being myself, when the pendulum is finally starting to swing the other way and it was only going to take another 30 minutes before I’m back on top of the game and Michelle is HoH and we’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Exactly. And then finally, this is a question we’ve been asking all the eliminated houseguests, who do you think has the best chance right now to win the entire game?

Who do I think has the best chance or who do I want to win?

Well, who do you think has the best chance, and then also I guess who do you most want to win?

I personally want Michelle to win, I really hope she does, she has a very good shot. But as far as I’m concerned, Renny could very well win it.

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
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