Boy, did Jessie and Memphis pick the wrong alliance this season on Big Brother.  One by one, the people they tried to strategize and work with this season have been picked off and now, they’re sitting next to each other on the block.  One of them is out the door tonight and if Michelle has her way, it won’t be Jessie.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of deals are made tonight by the pair to keep him in the game.  That is, if Michelle can stop crying about her unitard long enough to focus on the game.  I personally find the unitard hilarious – but I think that makes one of us.  I’ll be here all hour long updating you on the Big Brother game.  Keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too!

I love the clips from the last episode, mostly because Michelle keeps saying “le-ah-tahd”.

Little known fact about me: I hate the sound of whispering.  It irritates me.  Maybe it’s because the whispering is coming from Libra and Keesha, though.  They’re out to get Jessie.  However, it’s about time that people stopped voting the way the HOH wants.  What is that crap?  Let’s stir things up tonight!

Dan is begging America not to put him in a bad position with the votes tonight.  Either way, he’ll be pledging his loyalty to one alliance since tonight, it seems the house is really going to divide in two.  I’m still hoping Jessie makes it through this tonight…

Big Brother
is visiting Dan’s football team.  This wasn’t scripted AT ALL… silly football players…

Chenbot is interviewing everyone is the living room.  Michelle looks like a doll with all that makeup but at least she’s embracing her inner red unitard.  Libra defends not taking the letter from home because she knew that her husband would want her to take the vacation.

April’s being interviewed in the HOH room and says that she’s still in an alliance with Keesha and Libra but trusts them less.  She says Memphis doesn’t want to be here because he didn’t campaign this week.  All she’d say about Ollie is that he’s her best friend.  Friends?  Friends with benefits?  Friends who just flirt and never do anything about it?  What kind of friends?  I WANT TO KNOW!

Final speeches.  Jessie’s a competitor – that was his selling point.  The end.  Memphis tells people to vote for themselves, not for the HOH.

Time to vote.  Michelle votes Memphis.  Ollie votes Memphis.  Jerry votes Memphis.  Libra votes Jessie.  Keesha votes Jessie.  Renny votes Jessie.  Dan has no vote – he has to do what America wants.   America votes Jessie.  Looks like Jessie’s nine lives just ran out.

Is Jessie about to cry in front of Julie???  Am I crazy or is he acting different outside of the house?

Wow, 1am in the BB house last night and everyone is startled out of their sleep by America.  Viewers call in and talk trash, pump them up for the HOH contest, and make noises all night long.  That would drive me nuts.  Hope people were paying attention because all of the questions in the HOH competition have to do with those calls. 

Only Libra and Michelle left.  I don’t want Libra to win.  YES!  Michelle won!!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

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