It’s ’80s night tonight on America’s Best Dance Crew. Tonight, the three remaining crews will each have two challenges, the Groove Step Challenge, and the Dance Movie Challenge.

In the Groove Step Challenge, the crews will have to build a routine around an ’80s dance move of their choice, but they’ll also be given an additional restriction from Layla Kayleigh. In the Dance Movie Challenge, they will be assigned a scene from an iconic dance movie, which they must update into a new routine.


SoReal Cru

Groove Step – Kid N’ Play

SoReal Cru chooses to dance the Kid N’ Play, and their additional challenge is that they have to start a chain reaction during their routine. Their outfits are exactly why we should leave the ’80s in the past. The performance is good, but I’m just wondering why they were voted the top crew this week.

Lil’ Mama expected more out of them, but she had fun. JC singles out Andrew for not being as tight with the choreo as the other guys. Shane also criticizes their lack of energy and gets booed from the audience.

Dance Movie – Breakin’

SoReal Cru’s movie scene is the broom scene from Breakin’. Plus they do some interesting things with mirrors. Again, a solid performance, but top crew material? When you’re up against the other two crews still in contention, I’m not so sure.

Shane and Lil’ Mama are really impressed that they were able to bring up their energy level. JC wasn’t crazy about the solos, but really likes the mirror tricks.


Super Cr3w

Groove Step – Humpty Dance

Super Cr3w chooses the humpty dance, and their additional challenge is that they must perform the move with only four feet on the floor. There are six dancers (and 12 feet) in Super Cr3w, so they have two guys standing on the shoulders of two others, and the remaining two guys do the move on their butts.

JC Chasez loves the “Humpty tower.”

Dance Movie – Footloose

Super Cr3w have to do the heel-toe shuffle from Footloose. They’re all dressed identically in open plaid shirts, white T-shirts and jeans. It’s a super-athletic as we have come to expect from this crew.

JC Chasez feels blessed by Super Cr3w’s athletic ability, but the other judges don’t have too much to say about them.

Fanny Pak

Groove Step – Vanilla Ice

Fanny Pak chooses to dance the Vanilla Ice, but they must also have to dance it horizontally. Ha! They basically do a Vanilla Ice conga line on their backs. Very cute! At the end, they all pull out pictures of their moms as a tribute.

JC praises Glenda as the crew’s secret weapon. She’s the most athletic female of the season. Shane Sparks gives them props, his speech pepper with many “y’all”s.

Dance Movie – Flashdance

Yay! I love Flashdance! Fanny Pak is so funny! They start out their routine with three of them sitting at a table and mimicking Shane, Lil’ Mama and JC. They also make dance midgets, where two different people play the top half and bottom half of a little dancer. I’m explaining it clumsily, but it’s pretty hilarious. Then, the piece de la resistance at the end of the routine, the judge-doppelgangers hold up little speech bubbles, making sham-Shane say “Y’all ripped it,” and faux-JC saying “It wasn’t clean.”

The real Shane Sparks especially love their execution and their amazing creativity. JC also appreciates their classical technique, like their pirouettes

The judges have a very difficult decision to make, but I’m going to have to go with Fanny Pak. Fanny Pak rules! OK, but here’s the real result. Mario Lopez, with an attempt at gravitas, announces that Super Cr3w still has a chance at becoming America’s Best Dance Crew, and will move on to the finals next week. WTF?? This is bogus! Fanny can’t be eliminated!

SoReal Cru will battle against Super Cr3w next week in the finale of America’s Best Dance Crew. Who do you think will win?

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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