In an epic three hour finale tomorrow night we will learn the fate of the Ikki Twins and their potential suitors, Trevor and Rebekah. Will Vikki and Rikki each find love? Or will one twin head home broken hearted and facing a life-time of awkward moments now that their twin sister is dating their ex?

You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see the shocking outcome. But today you can enjoy a BuddyTV exclusive interview with one half of the Ikki Twins, Rikki. Rikki was kind enough to sit down and chat about her favorite moments from the show and why there definitely needs to be an uncensored DVD of this season.


This is Abbey from BuddyTV and today I am interviewing Rikki from A Double Shot at Love with the Ikki Twins. How are you doing today Rikki?

I’m doing great Abbey, thank you.

Was it harder to film the episodes together or was it harder to watch them together?

You know, it wasn’t hard at all to watch them in the beginning. But just this past episode and I’m sure the finale will be really hard to watch together. Just this past week Vikki actually got up and went in the other room when a certain part came on.

I can tell it’s definitely getting harder to watch together. You don’t want to know what is going on. Even to this day, I really want to think that what me and these people had was special and not to be shared with anybody else. Even though it is being shared with the world.

The more I watched it, the more I thought it might be harder to watch those episodes together than film them, because you’re seeing the other side.

Yeah, exactly. And you’re also seeing what they say about you in interviews or what they’re saying about you when they’re with your sister. That’s obviously hard to hear. We didn’t really talk about our feelings towards these people and then when you see it, you’re like “Oh so that’s what you were feeling at that point, wow I totally thought that was only me.”

Off of the show are you and Vikki usually attracted to the same type of people? Or do you think that was the circumstance of the show?

I don’t really think that we are normally attracted to the same people. Trevor is totally my type and not really Vikki’s. And I would say Rebekah is more Vikki’s type then mine. Initially we’re not attracted to the same people, but once you get to know somebody we’re probably attracted to the same kind of qualities. And that’s why we both really liked Trevor and Rebekah after initial appearances and everything, because they were both kind of what we were looking for on the inside.

They were my guesses for the final two after the second or third episode.

From the beginning, even the first time I met both of them, I knew they would be the two that were going to stick around for the long run. There was a couple other people I thought might too, but they were definitely the two I knew from the beginning. They were both natural and very real with the both of us and very honest and open. And in that situation you really need to be with somebody who is honest and open and real, because you’re filming everyday and it’s hard to tell who’s really there for you. And those two it was easy to tell they were really there for a relationship.

If you could go back in time and know about Josh and Rosie’s indiscretion, do you wish there was someone you kept around instead for another week?

Yeah, there is. I really wish I could have gotten to know Kali a little more. And if I would have known about Josh and Rosie then she would definitely have been one to stay around longer. She was an amazing girl, but it was just that she wasn’t opening up as fast as other people were. So it was hard to see who she really was, when everybody else was coming out a lot quicker. But had I known, yeah, what if… what if. But I would definitely have wanted to get to know Kali a little more, and maybe Matt too. You never know though…

Yeah, what-ifs are dangerous territory and I imagine even more dangerous in a situation like this.


But it must have been very difficult to watch Rosie and Josh and wonder.

Yeah, it would have been completely different had Rosie or Josh or even both of them, came to the second day and said “We are so sorry. We got drunk and we did this.” And maybe I would’ve been like “I’m still interested in getting to know you, I understand people make mistakes and this is a completely weird situation.” But they totally kept it from us and hid it. And then Josh insists there were other times. It all becomes really shady, when they could have just clarified it from the beginning. I would have had a lot more respect for both of them.

Definitely, I imagine seeing them again for the reunion show was interesting.

Oh yeah, the reunion show. Ha ha! I was even shocked by the reunion show and I know these people.

Do you have a favorite challenge or a favorite date you went on during the filming?

As far as like dates go, my favorite date was the penthouse suite at Hard Rock, but obviously Scottie didn’t bring it. But that was going to be my favorite one, because the suite was awesome. It had like it’s own room for a jacuzzi, it had a bowling alley, it had a kitchen, it had a pool table, our own waiter, our own bartender. And even though Scottie didn’t really bring it, Vikki and I still had a lot of fun. As for a date with a person, it didn’t show our sky diving date.

You guys had a sky-diving date? Who did you guys sky diving with?

We did an indoor sky diving date with everybody. It was when we first got to Vegas, we were all so excited to be there. Everybody was in good spirits, it was the last three people and we all cared about each other very much. It was this sky diving thing where it’s like a huge fan and it blows you up into the air. And we all went in one at a time and then we got to go in two at a time and everybody was just having so much fun. You kind of forgot that you’re gonna have to make a decision to send somebody else home, and the stress of the situation was lifted, as well as our bodies. And it was just care-free fun, stress-less date. It was a really great time. It was awesome.

Yeah, that sounds like a great time. I’m sorry we didn’t get to see that on the show.

Yeah they actually showed it in the previews, but they didn’t show the actual date.

Was there a lot of things like that? A lot of full dates that were not shown on the show?

Yes. I can’t really pin-point it all right now, but they definitely leave out a lot of stuff. I mean, we were only eight episodes long, so you kind of have to expect that. They got the key points obviously, but there was a lot of fun stuff and a lot of crazy stuff that we did that wasn’t shown. Like we had a double dare date with everybody in the house. And every single person living in that house, besides me and Vikki on that date got naked. Like completely butt ass naked. Well I mean, the didn’t take all their clothes but everybody showed everything at one point. Well the girls didn’t, but the guys did. And it was wild, and I was like I can’t believe this is even going on right now. And they showed James getting completely naked, because he tried to attack us. But that was crazy, I couldn’t believe they didn’t air any of that.

I bet that would have been a difficult segment for the censors to edit.

Yeah, I’m guessing it’s going to be on the DVD if they to do that….the uncensored or whatever. That would be a crazy one.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, when we interview Vikki about her time at A Double Shot at Love and Wednesday when both twins share their thoughts about the finale and whether or not they found love.

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