Michelle was a fighter.  While many (including me in certain (OK, most) cases), found Michelle grating on Big Brother, she didn’t back down.  Sure, she may have had a quick fuse, and she may have said some inappropriate things, and she may wrongly accused Dan of being a plant, but that’s all Big Brother produced nonsense.  Michelle has spark, Michelle’s got personality.  I guarantee that if I, or most anyone else, met Michelle in a social, non-reality TV setting, I would like her immensely.  If she’s not competing against you, I bet she’s a barrel of fun.  Unfortunately for her, Michelle was the first of two houseguests eliminated on Big Brother last night.  Today, we were fortunate enough to be able to conduct an e-mail interview with her.  You can find Michelle’s completely unedited answers below. 

Did you have any idea what was going to go down at the latest Power of Veto ceremony and how much did Dan’s actions effect your view of him?

I knew the deal was to good to be true. I told Ollie if the deal works it will be the best in Big Brother history but I felt from the beginning that I may be getting back doored. I also wish Dan could have been less of a coward and just told me why I was up instead of saying ollie lost the Bet …made no sense

What did you think of Ollie’s reaction to you being put up on the block? 

Better him than me. I felt the way he reacted and I think everyone thought I would have been the one to do what he did. Ollie felt betrayed and bad that he had put me in that Position. I think he still felt bad for what happened to Jessie.

What were some mistakes, looking back, that you might have made over the course of the season?

I should have Lied and deceived more than I did . I was brutally honest and I was a tough competitor. A lot of people also liked me so no one wanted to take me to the finals but I am happy with how I played the game and felt like I did a great job.

Is there anyone in the house who you wish you would have made an alliance with earlier?  Why?

Not really but I do wish I did not make an alliance with Memphis but Jessie talked me into it. I pretty much stuck to myself but made individual alliances with almost everyone.

What are you looking forward to most/least about sequester?

I can’t wait to see April and just be able clear my mind and be allowed to to do more things than I have been. I know Libra and I don’t get along so It should be interesting .

In a perfect world, who would win?

In a PERFECT world Ollie but the numbers aren’t in his favor. I wish him luck.

-Interview Conducted By Oscar Dahl
(Image Courtesy of CBS)

Oscar Dahl

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