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By Susan Young

When Dancing with the Stars contestant Drew Lachey blurted out that he’d come on the following week wearing a “rubber band and a peanut shell” if he made the cut, Tom Bergeron just couldn’t let it slide.

“I told him, ‘You know, Drew, there aren’t many guys who would admit a peanut shell could do the job,’ “Bergeron says.

Bergeron breaks out in a big laugh, remembering the incident. He says he lives for those kinds of moments on the show.

“What I love about the show is the unpredictability of Dancing with the Stars. It’s all about being reactive to what goes on and between the contestants and judges, I have an embarrassment of riches,” he says. “When Drew said that on the show, it was like a big grapefruit out there just waiting for me to hit it out of the ballpark.”

Bergeron isn’t the only one who watches DWTS for the bloopers as much as the ballroom dancing. In fact, the show offers that tantalizing live element that allows viewers to savor what outrageous thing might happen next.

With the announcement of the new dancers this week and the show gearing up for its seventh season debut on Sept. 22, it’s time to take a look back at our top 10 favorite moments from Dancing with the Stars:

1.) Wacky judge Len Goodman commenting on Steve Guttenberg’s dancing: “I got a lovely spotted dick, I put it in, out it comes, it’s flat and collapsed, and that’s a bit like your dancing.” And for those of you wondering about the spotted reference, that’s an English pudding.

2.) Drew Lachey just loves giving good DWTS blog fodder. Who can forget when he did the freestyle dance with Cheryl Burke to Big & Rich’s “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.” Afterwards, Judge Bruno Tonioli said Drew could star in “Brokeback Mountain: The Musical.” The Drew covered his backside with the cowboy hat he snatched off Cheryl’s head. People screamed homophobia. We think it just screamed desperate for a laugh.

3.) Wardrobe malfunctions. Where to start … where to start? The heat sure was on when Monique Coleman’s yellow string skirt slipped right off to her hiney … or when Edyta Sliwinska flashed some tail during a quick-step with Cameron Mathison … or when Kelly Monaco, who started the trend back in 2005, when the straps broke right off her sinking tube top and she kept on dancing while looking like she was pledging allegiance to the flag.

4.) Who can forget the famous Marie Osmond faint? Giggling one minute, and bouncing around like Tigger the next, all of a sudden she dropped like someone shot her between the eyes. After the show went to a commercial break, she said she had fainted before when she was winded. Oh, now she tells everyone.

5.) Billy Ray Cyrus: perhaps one of the worst dancers to take to the stage. He even ripped off partner Karina Smirnoff’s hairpiece at the end of one dance. He may have gotten angry when Judge Bruno Tonioli slipped and call his dancing “crap,” but it was one of the most honest slips of the show.

6.) Master P stepped in for his injured son Romeo, and it was the last random act of kindness anyone ever saw from the rapper during his nasty turn on the floor. Obviously, he didn’t want to be there. But that was no excuse for being snotty to partner Ashly DelGrosso, who kindly bought him some dancing shoes so he wouldn’t clump around like he’d just stepped off the loading dock. His rude response: “Hell no.”

7.) Jane Seymour got food poisoning and missed a results show. The explanation? She said she wasn’t eating enough and when she started eating more, she got food poisoning. Only in Hollywood do stars get food poisoning by eating enough to keep them upright.

8.) Just what does it take for a celeb to leave DWTS? Sara Evans quit right before filing for divorce from her husband. While dalliances among stars and dancers seem to be commonplace on this show, Sara’s marital problems apparently were brought on by a husband who, according to allegations in her divorce papers, committed adultery, drank excessively, and watched porn in their home. While the dancer’s away, the hubby will play — allegedly.

9.) Cristian de la Fuente’s perfectly chiseled arm cramped up during his dance with Cheryl Burke and the next thing we saw, he dropped her like a hot tamale. Hey, we know what a pain a cramp can be, but really you’d think those guns could have held a tiny dancer.

10.) Jennie Garth and Derek Hough’s spill was the first time in DWTS history that someone took a tumble. Derek stepped on Jennie’s dress, causing her to fall flat on the floor. Smooth move D.

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