Are we all ready for the most exciting Big Brother episode of the season?  The build-up over the last couple of weeks has been perfect for a quick double eviction episode.  No one should be particularly caught off guard when Ms. Chenbot 3000 informs the remaining houseguests of the plan.  All the players have their allegiances in check, and feelings have already been hurt.  Ollie will surely attempt to exact revenge on Dan and his reneging ways, while the holy triumvirate of Keesha, Dan and Memphis will likely want to oust Ollie before things get too unbearable inside the house.  Then you have the two oldies, Renny and Jerry; if either of them win the Head of Household tonight, be on your toes.  Who knows what could happen?  I’ll be here for the entire hour, retching my thoughts onto the internets in pixellated form. 

Chenskies, wearing a monstrous gold necklace this evening.  Way to class it up!  The live crowd doesn’t seem overly enthused tonight.  Pick it up, fans.

Wasting time on the recap.  Catching my breath, getting ready for the circus to begin.  Can I have at least one, heated, live Big Brother fight?  Chen uses the word “tumultuous” and it makes me proud. 

Chen lets us know what’s happening tonight – it’s just as we expected.  A live vote, followed by a whole week’s worth of events.

God, I’m loving this replay of Dan’s speech.  Michelle and Ollie’s reaction was plain spectacular. 

Ollie calls Dan “the biggest snake in the game.”  Jerry gives the old “told you so” speech.  Jerry’s plan is to do absolutely nothing, and let Michelle self-destruct.  Then, we see Michelle self-destruct in the diary room. 

So, I don’t think CBS is going to show Ollie’s flip out after the nomination.  Dan’s wish comes true.  Ollie and Michelle tell the house all of Dan’s foibles.  They keep saying that Dan is a plant. 

Ollie wants to let everyone know “what they’re working with.” 

Ollie talks to Dan in the HoH.  Dan says, straight up, that this is the game.  “You test my manhood.”  Really, Ollie?  How?  This is Big Brother, man. 

Renny actually says, “I’m getting too old for this sh**.” 

Dan, Keesha, Memphis and Renny watch from the HoH as Ollie goes on his rampage.  What a baby.  Michelle then talks with Dan – she wants to know why he’d do that to her.  Michelle is crying now in the diary room.  I may not really like Michelle, but she did get a raw deal here.  Eh, stuff happens. 

Chen gives the houseguests the news about the double eviction.  No one seems all that surprised.  Only 5 will remain at the end of the hour.  

Jerry and Michelle plead their cases.

Jerry tries to give a profound speech.  In reality, they are the ramblings of a silly old man.  Michelle gives a teary speech.  It was nice, though.  And we’re off – live vote time. 

Keesha votes to evict Michelle.

Memphis votes to evict Michelle.  So, she’s gone.

Ollie votes to evict Jerry. 

Renny votes to evict Michelle.  Renny is dressed less floozy-ish tonight than she was last week.  She also wasn’t happy with that vote she just gave.

Michelle is gone, yo.

The remaining houseguests prepare for the HoH challenge.  Michelle thinks that she was the target all along (wrong) and that Dan was a plant (wrong).  Julie then tells her that Dan was not a plant.  Michelle is somewhat obnoxious. 

And…here…we…go.  Head of Household challenge. 

“Big Brother Headlines” is the name of the competition.  Each player has to guess which houseguest was most voted for by America pertaining to fake future headlines.  Make sense?  Probably not, but it doesn’t really matter.  This is kind of a crapshoot.  Most points after 7 questions wins. 

Jerry leads the competition after 3 points.  Memphis is struggling. 

After 6 questions, Jerry is winning by one over Keesha.   Keesha ties it up after the last question. 

Jerry and Keesha are asked a tiebreaker question.  The answer will be a number – Price is Right rules.  “When America gave you lollipops, how many total lollipops were displayed on the table after the food competition?”

Jerry and Keesha both answer 100.  Wow!  The next question is how many total seconds did the three heats of the last PoV comp take.

Keesha WINS!!!!!!!!  


And we’re back.  Keesha has to make her nominations right now.  I’m fairly certain who she will nominate.

Jerry and Ollie have been nominated. Neither look particularly happy. 

Well, let’s play the PoV competition, shall we? 

The players are in the backyard, and have to jump in a big pile of hay (they each have their own sections).  Two PoV medallions are hidden there.  The players have to bring them back to the podium one at a time.

Dan wins!!!  Which means, the PoV will not be used.   And, probably that Ollie will be gone.

There is much rejoicing among Keesha, Dan, Renny and Memphis.  Keesha is especially pleased, as she very well should be. 

The Power of Veto ceremony begins.  Jerry gives his little speech. Ollie asks Dan to play another game of roulette.  Dan does not use the Power of Veto. 

Let’s have ourselves another live eviction, friends. 

Dan votes to evict Ollie.

Renny votes to evict Ollie.

Memphis votes to evict Ollie.

Game over, Rock.  OLLIE HAS BEEN EVICTED!!!!

After being evicted, lacking class, Ollie storms out of the Big Brother house without saying anything to anyone.  Jerry immediately tries to make amends with everyone.  Jerry grew on me tonight – he was very humble, optimistic. 

Ollie is trying to hide his anger in the post-interview.  He calms down, and he’s pretty reasonable about the whole thing. He hopes that he and April have a bright future.  Ollie’s not a bad guy.

And that’s it.  We’re going to have to wait until Sunday until we find out who wins the HoH. 

I’ll be back later with a full recap.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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