It came and then it went, and I shrugged my shoulders.  You just have to tip your cap to the long-term Big Brother alliance of Dan, Keesha, Memphis and Renny.  They stuck together, trusted one another (to a point) and here they are, four of the final five houseguests.  Dan’s tenacity in playing the game his way surely helped, but they all played their parts.  It’s hard to accuse any of those four of being floaters, of being hangers-on, because they all did what had to be done, and have now been rewarded for it.  Tonight’s Big Brother was non-stop, but because of what happened in the Head of Household challenge and then the Power of Veto challenge, the end result was inevitable.  We all knew what was going to happen about 25 minutes out.

The Aftermath

Ollie is obviously upset with Dan following his “Roulette” game.  He feels betrayed.  Michelle isn’t much better off.  She’s angry, sad, confused.  Ollie and Michelle try to smear Dan to his allies in the backyard, but it doesn’t work so well.  They both come off as Bitter Betties, embarrassed that Dan played them like he did.  At one point, Ollie completely flips out and starts breaking stuff. 

The Eviction, Part 1

Michelle was evicted by a vote of 3-1, the lone vote coming from Ollie.  Michelle expected it.  In her post-interview with Chenster, Michelle thinks that Dan is a plant, and that she was the target all along.  Julie informs Michelle that Dan was not a plant.

The Head of Household

Dan sits out, as the last Head of Household.  That leaves Ollie, Jerry, Memphis, Renny and Keesha fighting it out for the important, yet fleeting Head of Household post.  The game is, in the interest of full disclosure, stupid.  Julie Chen asks the players hypotheticals based on newspaper headlines( i.e. “This houseguest got lost on the way back to their house.”), and then Julie would give two possible answers.  Players either stepped up or down on their makeshift stairs, depending on who they answered.  Whoever had the most points at the end of seven questions won.  Keesha and Jerry tied after seven.  They tied again on the first tie-breaker question, but Keesha won the second tie-breaker, giving the Hooters waitress the coveted HoH. 


Keesha nominated Ollie and Jerry.  Obviously.

The Power of Veto

The game was simple.  In the backyard, each houseguest stood in front of their very own sectioned off strip of hay.  In each strip of hay were two PoV medallions.  The first person to bring back each PoV medallion, separately, to the starting position won veto power.  Dan edged out Memphis for the veto win.  Of course, Dan opted not to use the veto, keeping Keesha’s nominations intact.

The Eviction, Part 2

Unanimously, Ollie was eliminated.  He was bitter after the vote, jetting out of the Big Brother house without saying goodbye to anyone.  He lightened up some in the exit interview, but not much. 

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