For Canadian comic Gerry Dee, the road to the final few on NBC’s Last Comic Standing was not an easy one.  He tried out last season only to get cut in the semi-finals.  He returned a year later, more prepared and funnier, and made it to the final three comics.  Tonight, either Jon Reep or Lavell Crawford will win the title of Last Comic Standing.  As for Gerry Dee, he’s happy for the exposure and looks forward to the upcoming tour which kicks off this Friday.  Gerry spoke to BuddyTV today about tonight’s finale and who he thinks is going to win it all.

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Hey everyone, this is Gina from BuddyTV, and I am talking to Gerry Dee from Last Comic Standing. Gerry, how’re you doing?

Good. How are you, Gina. It’s been quite an experience, I’ll tell you that.

Now, you were on last season, right?

Yeah, I got to the last 42 last season. I made to the final 42.

I was really pulling for you last season too. I was surprised that you didn’t end up making it.

Well, thank you. Comedy is so subjective that you never know what they’re looking for, what people like or don’t like. So you can only do what you feel is funny, and that’s all I’ve ever done. So this year, I thought I’d go back and try it once more and obviously, it paid off. So I was really glad to do that.

Was not making it maybe a blessing in disguise? Because you came back a year later a little bit wiser and you ended up making it really far.

I would agree with that 100%. I think everything happens for a reason, and in anything you do. You know, last summer, I remember watching the finale with my wife, and I said, “You know, if I had made it to the final ten, our wedding would have been screwed.” Little things like that make you think about, you know, I couldn’t have been on the show last summer. So this summer wasn’t any easier ’cause my wife and I had a baby, but we managed to get through it. And I think I was wiser and I had more material and I had more diverse material this year than I did a year ago. So I think it certainly was a blessing in disguise.

How did you feel you fared in those challenges? Were they something that helped build your creativity? Or did they throw you off a little?

It was terrible for me. I was terrible at those. You know, I’m a storyteller, I’m not a gifted writer with my comedy. You know, I just sit there and try to come up with jokes. It was just not my cup of tea, but I knew it was part of the show and I just tried to get through it as best I could. It certainly didn’t help me because, I think, throughout those challenges, because I didn’t win any and because I didn’t do well on them, I think you start to lose fans. And then, to try to gain them back might have been what had hurt me in not getting further. Who knows? I knew it was part of it and I took it all in good fun, just did the best I could with it. But my thing was performing onstage. I just wanted to try to get to that stage.

I don’t think I’ve talked to one comic yet that liked those challenges at all.

No. And that’s for the viewers. You know, that’s for the viewer to see something different. Personally, I think the show would be a lot better if it was just all stand-up. More stand-up and I think the viewers would love it. But I think NBC has done their homework and they see what the viewers do like. Like, this year there was no house and a lot of viewers dissed the house, so I think NBC’s really got their finger on top of what things work. They know better than we do. We’re just comics trying to get more stage time. I think the challenges bring a diversity to the show that might add a nice mix to it. But we don’t like it, no question.

Will we be seeing you on the finale tonight?

Yeah, you’ll see me. I don’t know what’s really involved. We’re on stage. I think we have a small part in the finale. But I know I’ll be there in the crowd with my wife. We’re just going to enjoy it. It’s the first week I’ve been back that I haven’t had all the pressure and stress in my head to deal with it. And I’ve also been able to bring my wife and daughter. So it kind of kills two birds. I get to relax and I get to have them with me, and just kind of take it all in and enjoy the ride that is now ending tonight and wish Jon and Lavell luck. They’re both great guys and they’re great comics, and they’re gonna get a great winner out of the show. So I think it was a great top ten this year.

They’re both so different. Do you have any predictions?

You know, “they’re both so different” is right. I just think Lavell from day one has been the face of the show. He’s a recognizable face. They both have huge fan bases. They’re both very lovable. I think Jon has done better in the performances of the top five. I think Lavell fared better in the challenges and all the other things. So if I were to have to pick someone, I think Lavell might take it tonight, but I would not be surprised if it went the other way at all. It seems so close to me and it’d be hard to pick. But I think Lavell from day one has really had his face on this show and made people laugh every step of the way. Not that Jon hasn’t, but it just seems that that might give him a little bit of an edge.

And you’re busy now because you guys are leaving for your tour this week, right?

Yeah, Friday we go to Connecticut and we embark on a 45-city tour. So it’s, again, it’s just more exposure, and just a wonderful show to be a part of. The farther you go on the show, the better it helps your career. You know, for me, with a young family, it’s important to set yourself up like that. And these guys all have, you know, Jon’s getting married, and everybody has their reasons why this show has helped them. And the tour is just another reason to get more fans and more exposure. So I’m excited.

I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. I loved watching you on the show, and congratulations.

Well, thank you so much. All the best. Thanks a lot.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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