It seems the experiment has failed: Eddie Cibrian is leaving CSI: Miami after only one season, according to Entertainment Weekly.

There’s no official word from CBS, but sources tell the magazine that the crime series — which moves out of its Monday time slot to Sunday nights in the fall — has decided to focus back on the original core team, especially with Adam Rodriguez returning to the show full-time.

Remember, Cibrian joined the CSI: Miami cast precisely to fill the void left by Rodriguez, who left the show as a regular cast member last season. He still appeared in several episodes, though, but fans still clamored to have him back on the show, through a wide-ranging online campaign.

Spoiler-y edit: E! Online reports that Cibrian’s exit will be in the most dramatic fashion: his character, Jesse Cardoza, will be killed off. So, when he leaves the show, he’s leaving the show for good. Unless, of course, they pull off another Speed…

With word that the show is focusing on the original team again, you can wonder what could happen to Omar Miller, who also joined the show last year as Walter Simmons. Would he be affected too? But most importantly, do you regret seeing Cibrian leave the MDPD so quickly — or are you just happy that Delko is back?

(Image courtesy of CBS)

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV