White Collar returns for its second season beginning July 13, shedding light on the explosive events of the first season finale in which Peter enlisted Diana’s help to take down Special Agent Fowler while Neal’s dreams of running away with Kate were shattered when the private jet she boarded exploded. While we’re not sure what happens next, it’s likely that things will get interesting as we dig on Fowler’s backstory and meet a new character in the form of One Tree Hill alum Hilarie Burton.

Sneak Peek: Video Promos for Season 2

As reported previously, Hilarie Burton will be joining White Collar season 2 for a multiepisode arc as an insurance investigator with a score to settle with Neal. In an interview with Fancast, Burton reveals that, “if somebody steals a really expensive car, {her character Sara Ellis is] the repo man!” Burton’s debut on the show hasn’t been announced but many are speculating that she could appear as early as episode 4. “It’s fun to play someone with an edge but is also very bejeweled. I’m having a very good time with it,” adds Burton.

Who Else is Joining White Collar?

Meanwhile, Burton’s arrival coincides with the exit of Natalie Morales, who plays Agent Lauren Cruz. Though she’s featured on one the season 2 promos, she is not expected to appear in new episodes. Her exit, however, is explained in the season opener.

And speaking of absence, Tiffani Thiessen, who has just given birth to a baby girl, won’t be visible early in the season, though she does have a very brief scene in the season 2 premiere. Her maternity leave will reportedly be explained by out-of-town catering gigs.

How do you feel about Natalie Morales’ exit and the absense of Tiffanie Thiessen? Are you looking forward to Hilarie Burton?

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