We know she has serious comedic chops on Criminal Minds, and now Kirsten Vangsness is  putting them to further use with a funny vampire-themed web series that will kick off in June 30.

‘Criminal Minds’ Spin-off Finally Gets ‘Suspect’ Name

Vangsness, whose character Penelope Garcia (or just Garcia) on Criminal Minds is a savvy computer technician who provides welcome comic relief, will join cast members from The Simpsons and Boardwalk on Vampire Mob, a web comic series about a vampire-slash-hitman whose problems are more similar to normal folk than we think (read: mother-in-law).

On Vampire Mob, Don Grigioni (John Colella) just found out that his mother-in-law is moving in — for eternity. Don previously bit his wife Annie (Reamy Hall) because he “got hungry,” who in turn bit her mother Virginia (Marcia Wallace) fearing that she might die someday. Vangsness plays Virginia’s other daughter Laura. For the record, Don says they don’t bite people because they’re “not animals.”

Immortal mom now needs a place to stay and blood to drink, leaving Don a bit concerned. Business is not what it used to be and the last thing he needs is more “grocery shopping” to do.

A password-ed online premiere is set to “air” on June 27, with a real-life premiere on the same day to be attended by some of the web series’ stars, including Vangsness. Vampire Mob, said to contain strong language, will run for six episodes for its debut season. Each new episode will be released after the former episode receives a certain number of views.

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Glenn Diaz

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