Last we saw him, Kenny (Danny McBride) was down, though not so much eastbound, on HBO series Eastbound and Down. He got an offer from the Tampa Bay Rays only for the deal to fall through. On the season finale in March last year, he left with April (Katy Mixon) and dumped her at a gas station, while he drove off to an unknown place.

To see where this is all headed, Eastbound and Down will return for its sophomore season on September 26. The setting will reportedly move to Mexico, with filming kicking off in Puerto Rico recently.

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There will reportedly be new faces for the upcoming season, including Michael Peña and Ana de la Reguera, who will play the owner of the Mexican baseball team and Kenny’s new love interest, respectively. All of the supporting cast, except Steve Little as Stevie Janowski, will not be in the second season except for cameos. Stevie will reportedly track Kenny down in Mexico.

Eastbound and Down returns this fall on HBO.

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Glenn Diaz

Staff Writer, BuddyTV