EW’s Michael Ausiello has confirmed that a very familiar face to Supernatural fans will be back for more than just one episode in season 6. He also reports on a new character with a connection to Sam and Dean.

SPOILER WARNING: Stop reading if you want to avoid any Supernatural season 6 spoilers.

New showrunner Sera Gamble confirmed that Mitch Pileggi will be back for multiple episodes as Samuel Campbell, Sam and Dean’s grandpa. The last time we saw Samuel he was possessed by Azazel, snapped his wife’s neck, killed John and stabbed himself.

In other words, it’s a bit unclear whether Samuel Campbell is coming back, or if the actor who played him is returning. Whatever the role, Gamble promises that season 6 will delve more into the Campbell side of Sam and Dean’s family tree.

Supernatural has been mostly about the Winchesters, but it’s Mary’s family who came from the long line of Hunters. The Campbell family history is a large, untapped resource of backstory and mythology for the show to explore in season 6.

In addition, Ausiello reported on a new recurring character for season 6 named Christian, a man in his late-30s to mid-40s who is “capable, calm under pressure and very good at his job.” He’s also described as having a special relationship to Sam and Dean.

The “capable” part definitely makes him sound like a Hunter to me, and since we’re exploring the Campbell family tree, my first guess is that Mary had a younger brother we’ve never heard of before. Since I’m assuming he’s Sam and Dean’s demon-hunting uncle, it probably means he’s a bad-ass demon.

Are you excited for more Campbell family drama? Who do you think Christian will be?

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