Denis Leary-led series Rescue Me is set to kick off its penultimate run tonight, when a terrifying vision of the afterlife shakes its flawed hero Tommy (Leary) to the core, leading him to reconnect with his friends and family back on the outside. The situation is not less optimistic for the other firefighters, with the department cutting costs and putting their future in jeopardy.

‘Rescue Me’ Final Scene Among Best Final Scenes Ever, Says John Scurti

Says Rescue Me creator Peter Tolan, that it’s so close to the end made t easier to plan things plot-wise. “You’re much more careful because you’re like, this is it. There’s not going to be anything after this, so this better be goddamn great,” he said.

That pretty much sums it up, right? Promo after the jump:

As it is, things can only improve for Gavin and his family and friends. His wife Janet (Andrea Roth) has become a mad, angry woman; his eldest daughter might be an alcoholic; while Lou (John Scurti) has problems of his own. Nevertheless, Leary is sure the end will “satisfy” Rescue Me fans, thought that does not necessarily mean redemption for Tommy.

“We wanted to do something that was organic and, obviously, fit the characters, and fit the tone of the show, which is a group of firefighters who deal with life and death all the time,” he said.

Rescue Me season 6 premieres tonight 10pm on FX.

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