The dark crime drama whose characters are based on the novels of Jeff Lindsay returned for its fourth season on September 27, and will wrap up with a finale episode deemed by executive producer as their “most exciting yet.”

Whether you want to catch up or just relive the excitement of season 4, we’ve got you covered with recaps of every episode, plus all our coverage of Season 4’s explosive finale.

Up against his most dangerous foe yet, the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow), Dexter must navigate his many lives as serial killer,  blood spatter analyst, father, husband, and brother, yet still come out of the finale alive, with his secret intact. But at what cost?

No immediate spoilers are below, for anyone who has yet to watch the Season 4 finale, but be wary of any links leading you to finale articles, as the twist at the end of this season is just too huge to not be discussed!

But what are we saying? If you haven’t seen the finale, hurry up and go finish Dexter Season 4, right now!

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Season 4 Overview:
Last season concluded with Dexter marrying a pregnant Rita (Julie Benz) and admitting to himself that his weddings vows “to be the best husband and father he could be” are absolutely true. In season 4, Dexter appears to have everything he could possibly want except the one thing he actually needs —which is time to kill.

Although diaper duty appears to have pushed Dexter’s little killing hobby to the backseat, that’s not to say that he won’t be giving in to his urges. After all, season 4 has a new villain on the loose and he comes in the form of John Lithgow. As reported in the past, the 3rd Rock from the Sun star will be playing a prolific serial killer known as the “Trinity Killer”-he kills in threes- and leads an unassuming double life similar to Dexter’s. Season 4 will also bring about the return of Keith Carradine’s FBI Agent Lundy, who is back in Miami to track down the Trinity Killer.

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