Matt and Caroline aren’t exactly characters I’d like to see hook up with each other on The Vampire Diaries. I like Caroline right off the bat, largely because she’s fun, quirky and she reminds me off another shallow young vamp from another show. On the other hand, Matt, though easy on the eyes, is just plain boring. But after seeing how Matt struggled to get over Elena and seeing what he went through with sister Vicky, not to mention how Damon effortlessly manipulated Caroline, I’m now willing to give these two a chance.

We gradually witnessed the budding friendship between Matt and Caroline after spending a night together in bed, cuddling, and it looks like we’re about to get more Matt and Caroline moments when The Vampire Diaries returns in January now that Matt already defended his friendship with Caroline to Tyler. Does this mean love is finally in the cards for Caroline and the equally damaged Matt?

“I have no idea what’s going to happen with them!” Candice Accola, who plays the bouncy Caroline, told “But, yeah, I think that Matt would be a really nice guy for Caroline. Damon put her through hell and back, quite literally, so I think it’s about time Caroline gets a nice guy. I think they could definitely lean on each other.”

But while the Vampire Diaries star like Matt-Caroline paring, she also feels that all that her character needs these days is some time for herself.

“I don’t think Caroline needs a boyfriend, unless he’s going to be really good to her,” Accola said. “I think she’s got a lot on her plate between her friend’s a witch now… and getting over a relationship with her mother and her estranged father, who ran off with his lover. I think she’s got a full plate… but if it’s good love, that can never hurt.”

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Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV