It’s rare to find a TV series these days that could sustain good hype and live up to its glorious start but Sons of Anarchy did just that. Week after week, the second season surpassed my expectations as Charming became a battle ground for SAMCRO and its many rivals, proving that the tension in Sons of Anarchy is far from running its course.

As my way of wrapping up a brilliant season, I’ve picked 10 of my favorite moments. Feel free to leave your favorite moments, scenes and quotes in the comments below!

Gemma’s Rape

Seeing Gemma raped over and over again was not easy to watch. In fact, the look at Katey Sagal’s face left me with a very heavy heart. But this tragedy gave depth and substance not only to SAMCRO’s matriarch but to the people closest to her as well.

Saving Tig

One of action-packed scenes this season was when Jax took the group against Clay’s orders to the motel where Tig was being held captive by bounty hunters. While it was exciting to see Jax rescue his SAMCRO brother, the scene took an even wilder turn as Jax and his men crashed the motel room and held the bounty hunters at gunpoint just enough for Tig to make his escape.

Unser Confides in Hale

I’ve always found Chief Unser fascinating. His revelation to Hale about Gemma’s rape and just how evil Zobelle is proved that there’s even more interesting layers to uncover with this character. It also proved just how loyal Unser is to SAMCRO.

Chibs’ Explosion

Just when I thought “Smite” was about to end peacefully, Sons of Anarchy ended its fifth episode this season with an explosion in the club’s garage that almost left Chibs for dead.  

Prison Bait

Who could forget Juice being used as sexual bait as part of SAMCRO’s deal with some convicted One-Niners in order to gain protection? That for me was one of the rare funny moments of the second season.

Prison Fight

Thanks to Agent Stahl, who has a talent for concocting stories and igniting tension, the much awaited Jax and Clay showdown finally happened. It was bloody, gruesome and everything you’d expect from a step-father and a step-son who both had nothing but hatred towards each other. 

The Dinner

Gemma thought that a little get together over dinner will fix the feud between Jax and Clay but all she got was bad news about Luanne’s death and more bickering from her husband and son. The best line from this scene, though, came from Jax as he told Clay, “I’m not the one who kills women!”

The Big Revelation

Thanks to Gemma’s big tear-jerking reveal about her rape, hope was not entirely lost for SAMCRO. For Gemma, though, it wasn’t just about liberating herself from her tragic experience, it was about letting go of her pride and reuniting the two men in her life.

Opie Confronts Stahl

Though Tig confessing to Stahl about Donna’s death was nerve-racking, seeing Stahl afraid for the first time as Opie confronted her about his wife’s death was far more gripping.  Hearing Opie say the words, “The outlaw had mercy. You remember that the next time your try to twist the truth and kill an innocent” and seeing him spare Stahl’s life was just classic.

Cameron’s Revenge

Who would have thought that Cameron would bring the most damage to SAMCRO by the end of season 2? His storyline involving Half Sack’s death and taking baby Abel as revenge for the death of his son Edmond was just shockingly depressing. Seeing a helpless Jax and a speechless Tara in fear also made me realize how good Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff are as actors.

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Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV