It looks like things are about to get worse for Sam and Dean when Supernatural returns for its second half of the season. The show kicks off with an episode that pays homage to Winona Ryder’s movie, Girl, Interrupted, as the Winchester brothers find themselves in what looks to be a psych ward.

Sadly, I don’t have much info on the 11th episode the fifth season but here’s the trailer in case you haven’t seen it yet or if you already have but just can’t get enough of Supernatural.

The video reminds us never to underestimate the dark forces in this show, not even for a one second. I can only assume that Lucifer is behind some of the strange happenings afoot in the mental institution.

Additionally. “Sam, Interrupted” also explores the seemingly dangerous codependent relationship of Sam and Dean.

Supernatural returns on Thursday, January 21 on The CW.

(Image courtesy of The CW)

Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV