More often than not, rehearsal packages are just as significant as the actual performances on Dancing with the Stars. It gives viewers a glimpse of whatever the contestants are going through and sometimes sheds light on a dramatic angle — which can ultimately sway your votes. Unfortunately for Derek Hough and Marilu Henner, this week’s footage didn’t exactly work in their favor. Not only did they get a “tense” rehearsal package, they also found themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard.

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In his blog on TV Guide, Hough expresses his disappointment and reveals what should have been included in the rehearsal video. 

“I was pretty disappointed with our package,” the pro dancer wrote. “Marilu and I actually sat down last week and had a heart-to-heart about what actually happened during our team dance, how we both felt about it and how we felt about each other. Unfortunately, none of that was used in our package this week so I feel like the audience was short-changed a little bit and instead was fed footage that looked tense and uncomfortable.”

“For instance, Marilu’s foot injury was glossed over the past two weeks,” he continued. “When she asked for more rehearsal time in Monday’s package and I said we didn’t need it, it came off like I was dismissing her and didn’t care, which is far from it. That quote was taken out of context; I was reassuring her that we had already put in a lot of hours, so she shouldn’t worry. Plus, with her injured feet, I didn’t want to push her and hurt her even more. But since her injury was virtually ignored on the show, most people wouldn’t have known about it. I’m definitely not saying her injury should be an “excuse” — just that context is important.”

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As the couple with the lowest score in this week’s Dancing with the Stars, Hough and Henner are likely to be in danger of elimination next week. However, the underdogs remain confident and positive.

“Right now, I’m looking ahead, and we’re staying positive and keeping it positive. None of this changes the fact that I’m still giving 100 percent to Marilu so that she gets everything she can out of this experience. I want Marilu to have a great time and I want her to have a fantastic experience. Her feet are doing a lot better and rehearsals have been going well,” Hough wrote.

Do you agree with Hough’s thoughts on their rehearsal package? Do you think it would have made a big difference? Are you worried about TeamHennergy?

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