After reports surrounding designer Vera Wang’s probable participation next season of Dancing with the Stars surfaced, another possible contestant has emerged. This time, it’s Debi Mazar, who is perhaps best known for playing Vincent Chase’s edgy, foul-mouthed publicist, Shauna Roberts on HBO’s Entourage.

Just like Wang, who has confirmed that she has been invited to appear on Dancing with the Stars but is still contemplating on her decision, Mazar’s rep has confirmed to TV Guide that the Entourage star has been officially offered a slot on the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

At present, the actress is on vacation in Italy and is expected to make a final decision next week. The mother of two young daughters is reportedly concerned about the amount of time required of rehearsals, which begin in August before the show’s September premiere.

Mazar has received dwindling screen time over the past few seasons of Entourage. She even missed the show’s season 6 premiere party, which was held July 9 on the Paramount lot and made only one brief appearance in the July 12 season premiere. Feeling somewhat underused, she has asked to be killed off on the long-running series while producer Doug Ellin is considering having Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold do her in next season.
Assuming Mazar accepts the offer on Dancing with the Stars, she can count on the support of at least two of her co-stars.

“I think she would be great on that,” raves Jaime Lynn Sigler, who plays herself on Entourage. “I love that show!”

“I’d have somebody to root for,” said Kevin Connolly (Eric). “It makes sense. She’s popular and has an attitude about her. She’s feisty. You get her going and she’d be one to go after the judges.”

“She takes good care of herself,” added Connolly, who also notes that the 44-year-old actress is in top shape after giving birth to her second daughter in 2006. “She looks damn good in our season premiere.”

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide Magazine
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