It’s Thursday, so you all know what that means: my stomach is in knots over who could go home, Cat is most likely wearing a questionable outfit, and a musical guest is about to do some lip synching. While we have the serious business of eliminating two talented dancers tonight, there’s sure to be a celebratory mood in the air with the news of So You Think You Can Dance’s five Emmy nominations. Expect a lot of well deserved back patting and compliments between Nigel, the judges, and choreographers. And let us extend them ourselves–congrats!

Beyond the biggest question of the night: who’s going home? Another questions looms heavy: with no solos, what will this hour be filled with? With no dance for your lives solo anywhere in sight, a long night of filler could await us, but we’ll have to watch along together to find out. Not only will I be composing my thoughts on the results show live right here, you can also follow along with me in 140 character bursts on BuddyTV’s So You Think You Can Dance twitter.

It’s almost time for the show, and Mary Murphy via the Twitter has just reminded me (unfortunately) what’s going to take up a good portion of the night. Here’s the offending tweet: “Backstage. Just met the Black Eyed Peas!” Egads. Mary Murphy and the Black Eyed Peas, as Cat Deeley so aptly said last night, “Now that’s a bad visual.”

For the rest of the evening we’ll be calling The Black Eyed Peas the So You Think You Can Dance House Band. Because, has anyone else noticed how many SYTYCD House Band songs they use? In the first two weeks there were two routines to new House Band songs…with nary a My Humps routine in sight. If only Mia had had different inspiration for the booty dance!

Alright, to the dancing, because at least we get to start the night with a group routine!

Group Routine:

Choreographed by Wade Robson
So Much Better by Janet Jackson

Apparently, they couldn’t get Michael’s tunes so they went with Janet.

For this group dance the guys are dressed like ninjas with rice paddy hats, and the girls are dressed as Geishas and Lady Gaga versions of Geishas. From moment one you can tell this is a Wade Robson routine thanks to the intricacies and the unique quality of movement. There’s a ton to this routine — intricate stage set up, synchronicity, different groups, costumes, and styles. Go Wade. Seriously, Wade gets better with every year, like that fine wine metaphor they keep using to describe Melissa. Each new routine holds the promise of brilliance, which makes his dances incredibly exciting.

Cat’s all sparkly tonight, but the dress fits like a potato sack on top.

As expected, she gets right in to the exciting news about this morning’s Emmy nominations. This makes me incredibly happy because we get to see video of the nominated routines, and Bleeding Love still gives me chills. The announcement makes me less happy because Cat isn’t congratulating herself on a nomination. It’s clear to me she’s the best host on television, but apparently the academy hasn’t caught on yet.

Interesting, Mr. Nigel Lythgoe won’t be in the studio tonight because he’s getting an honorary degree tonight. You know what that means? It’s ladies night at So You Think You Can Dance, with Cat, Mary, and our new favorite person ever, Debbie Allen holding court. I still have her wonderful quotes of last evening — “you handled your big woman baby” and “stay away from my daughter” running through my head and making me smile. Can I get an amen for Debbie Allen? Amen!

So now I know how we’ll be spending much of our night: reliving last night in clip reels. And of course, the SYTYCD House Band.

Cat says it’s time to get down to business, as she introduces us to the Top 5 girls. While she won’t be telling us who’s going home right now, she will tell us the bottom two girls. The bottom two will be dancing solos tonight, but it can’t change their fate. Though as we’ve learned this season…the idea that a solo could ever change your fate on this show could be a fallacy.

Janette: SAFE
–who already looks teary eyed: BOTTOM TWO
Jeanine: SAFE
Kayla: SAFE

I have to say, sadly that’s not a huge surprise. Melissa’s solo last night was underwhelming and Randi’s wigged Paso Doble was kind of a disaster. Still out of those two, I think Randi’s the one being sent home tonight, the big question is which boy will join her?


–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Abbey Simmons

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