There was another Kelli, a lesser known one, on the debut season of American Idol, and appearing last night on America’s Got Talent, Kelli Glover says the NBC talent competition is her final shot at achieving her dream, six years after reaching the semifinals on Idol.

“After American Idol, I went to this emotional thing. It was really tough. I really wanted that. I really thought that it was my chance, but it was just so devastating. It made me not want to sing anymore,” says Kelli, adding that she temporarily gave up on singing and worked in a casino. “This is the last chance. I’m getting older. I really want to do something in music, and now I’m here. I want to prove to American that I can really do it.”

Her heartfelt rendition of “Listen” plus her whole Idol reject back story divided critics.

“Are we really expected to be entertained by someone already given their “one shot,” their “one opportunity” who is merely trumpeting their same exaggerated act for a second time?” inquires Entertainment Weekly’s Henning Fog “Why should viewers be asked to treat the moment like it’s now suddenly something heartwarming and special?”

Matt Carter of the Examiner, meanwhile, says Kelli’s performance “shined” on the episode. “The best was former American Idol contestant Kelli Glover,” he writes.

Stepping up on stage, America’s Got Talent judge Sharon Osbourne, obviously prodded by some people, asked Kelli to name one special thing about her. When she mentioned her Idol stint, Piers Morgan curtly said, “Oh OK.” After her performance, Osbourne and David Hasselhoff were both all praises for Kelli, while Morgan looked uncertain, citing the dime-a-dozen good singers on the show. In the end, however, he still said yes and Kelli got her second shot at wowing America.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Entertainment Weekly, The Examiner
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