Here we are at the halfway mark folks! It’s finally shaping up to be the season that seemed promised during the phenomenal first week of competition. With the big partner switch-a-roo this week, new flaws and strengths were exposed in many of the dancers. We learned that some previous partners were dead weights, while others were life jackets.

While the last few weeks decisions have had me in knots of worry, tonight’s eliminations seem pretty clear, well at least if the judges were making the decision. If it were up to the judges, I have no doubt that Kupono and Randi would be going home tonight based on their lackluster solos and Paso Doble. However, once popularity and people come into play, it’s a whole new ballgame. With that in mind, I’ve compiled all the data from polls, Fantasy TV picks, showdowns, and the Twitter-Verse to help deduce who will be the next two dancers eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance.

Top Picks for Elimination tonight on So You Think You Can Dance Fantasy TV:

Kupono – 34%
Jason – 21%
Randi – 10%
Ade – 10%

If you haven’t made your Fantasy TV Picks — make ’em now! You have until 12pm (PST) to make your choices!

Poll Results from Live Thoughts:

Favorite Routine of the Night:

Jeanine and Jason – 66%
Melissa and Brandon – 11%
Ade and Janette – 11%

Best Solo of the Night:

Evan – 29%
Jeanine – 19%
Ade 16%

Worst Solo of the Night?

Kupono – 42%
Randi – 22%
Jason – 9%

Who is Going Home?

Kupono – 66%
Randi – 23%
Evan – 6%

How  You Ranked the Performances, Via Showdown Voting:

1. Jeanine and Jason
2. Melissa and Brandon
3. Janette and Ade
4. Girls Group Bollywood Routine
5. Kayla and Evan
6. Guys Group Routine
7. Randi and Kupono (with yikes, only 3 votes total)

The Twitter-Verse has some opinions on last night and who’ll be sent home tonight too:

madaboutdance said: GO EVAN ADE JANETTE AND JEANINE!!!!!!!! (goodbye kupono and randi? sadface)

SweetBailey said: The two best solos – Evan & Jeanine. They both “get it” -solo’s are about creating 1 min dance showcases. SYTYCD.

acjudge said: The J’s & Ade plus J best partners. Best Solo: Ade. Going home: Kupoopoo or Evan and Melissa or Randi.

vivezbien said: Best partner dance – Jeanine & Jason. Solo-Evan(b/c it was entertaining). Going home- Kupono & Randi

TNTcntrygirl said:  I liked Janette and Ade partnered. Kupono or Evan going home. Melissa for the girls going home.

And your BuddyTV Experts, John Kubicek and myself are in complete agreement with you about who will be sent packing tonight.

BuddyTV Expert John Kubicek Says:

I don’t even need other choices, because those HAVE to be the two going:
Kupono and Randi

BuddyTV Expert Abbey Simmons Says:

Kupono and Randi

Though, I think there’s an off-chance that Kayla and Melissa could be in trouble for the ladies.

Overall, there seems to be a consensus among us, we’ll be saying aloha to Kupono and Randi tonight. Make sure you watch along with me tonight as I live thought and tweet the results show.

 –Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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