Well, at least we don’t have to hear any more speculations about whether or not Chuck Wicks will pop the question on air to girlfriend and dance partner Julianne Hough.

Chuck Wicks became the eighth celebrity to be eliminated from the eighth season of Dancing with the Stars. He and Julianne Hough, partners in both the ballroom and romantic sense of the word, truly epitomized the spirit of Dancing with the Stars. He came to the competition with absolutely no dance background at all, but he is leaving a dancer.

In the results show last night, all of the other couples had found out that they were safe except for Chuck and Julianne, and Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani. As we all remember, Melissa suffered complications this week due to a cracked rib and was not able to perform on Monday night. The judges based their scoring decisions on a taped dress rehearsal that Melissa and Tony filmed on Monday morning, which is how they came to have a 21, the lowest score of the week – lower than Chuck’s score by five points.

A true gentleman until the end, Chuck Wicks graciously applauded Melissa and gave credit to what must be legions of loyal Melissa-fans who kept her in the competition despite being at such a disadvantage in scores.

“To all the critics that thought we weren’t going to last: We did it,” Wicks told Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris, hosts of Dancing with the Stars. Now I’m going to go out on tour and enjoy doing what I love, and that’s country music.”

The field has been whittled down to just five couples. Next week, they will each be required to perform two separate individual routines. With twice as much material to learn but the same amount of time to learn it in, this is the point in the season when the dancers, both celebrity and professional alike, get really stressed out. Plus, two of the favorites, Gilles Marini and Melissa Rycroft, are both suffering from painful injuries, a separated shoulder and a fractured rib, respectively. If their injuries worsen, this could really open up the field for any of the other dancers to move in and decisively take the lead once and for all. We only just have to wait until Monday to find out what happens.

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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