It didn’t take long for Caviar to find a new guy after she got eliminated from the VH1 reality dating series For the Love of Ray J.  Earlier this month, she was seen in the arms of R&B artist Bobby Valentino.  The two were spotted in the studio, recording new songs for yet another album. 

Bobby Valentino’s recent studio production, “The Rebirth,” just hit stores.  Already he’s getting busy with more material.  It’s probably because he’s found Caviar, who rose to fame trying to compete for the heart of Hollywood’s bad boy Ray J.

'For the Love of Ray J's Caviar Spotted with R&B's Bobby V

Caviar was booted off the show during its fourth episode.  Ray J found her too aggressive for his tastes, and she was consistently part of the Bottom Two in eliminations.  It was found out that she was in the show because her photographer/manager, Larry, brought her in for more exposure.  This led to her departure from For the Love of Ray J.

Even so, it looks like things worked out for Caviar.  For her exit interview, she revealed that the series helped give her a boost in her career.  “I think I got a little overexposed from the show, actually,” she told VH1.  “I’m getting so much exposure that I don’t know if I can handle it now.  I’m working on a lot of stuff.  It’s crazy.  I’m just like, “Whoa.”

It’s possible that her fame on For the Love of Ray J was what pushed her towards R&B musician Bobby V.  Still, they have to dodge rumors regarding Caviar’s intentions for the singer.  Apparently, she was noted for saying that she isn’t fond of guys who aren’t as tall as her – such as Ray J and Bobby V.

“It’s very true,” she said earlier.  “Nothing against Ray J, but yeah, he’s kinda short.  But I hold nothing against Ray J.”  Seeing her with Bobby Valentino in the pictures, it makes one wonder if Caviar finally gotten over her height issues.

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