There was chaos and drama on the set as musician Lady GaGa filmed her latest music video, which stars the Swedish triplets from VH1’s Daisy of Love.  Just last week, they worked on location at a Bel-Air estate and were greeted by a green-eyed monster: Lady GaGa’s boyfriend. 

The triplets, from the rock band “Snake of Eden,” were merely following what was written in the script.  They were specifically chosen by Lady GaGa to make out with her for the video, created for the single “Paparazzi.”  While many onlookers were entertained, there was one person who was far from pleased at the sight.

Reports have it that the singer-songwriter’s boyfriend stormed the set upon arriving late to the shoot. He got extremely angry at Lady GaGa, screaming at her in a fit of jealousy.

An insider who was present at the time told that “[h]e started yelling at her” and continued berating her.  He led her to a makeup room and continued bringing down his fury upon the singer.

Afterward, the man turned to the triplets, released more of his anger, and said: “You guys are a bunch of fags.  Are you happy now?  Did you get what you want?”

While Snake of Eden didn’t respond to Lady GaGa’s boyfriend, it appears as though they don’t really care.  They were only there for the video, which is just another way of promoting their band. The trio was last seen on the VH1 reality dating series Daisy of Love and was immediately eliminated on the first episode.  They were supposedly there to win over Daisy de la Hoya’s heart but instead got the boot because she wasn’t sure they were really there for love.

Still, Daisy of Love boosted their popularity.  In addition to their appearance on the series, Snake of Eden has the Lady GaGa gig, which is set for release on the first of May.  And in case that isn’t enough press for the triplets, the attention from the jealous boyfriend might help.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1, Radar Online
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Maria Gonzalez

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