Abby Lee’s dancers seem to be dropping like flies lately, and this week when the headstrong coach notices a back injury in Brooke, she tells her to ‘use her pain’ in her solo. Last time I checked, it’s a little difficult to do an acrobatic number with a severe back injury, but then again I’m not a professional dance coach.

Not only is Abby quickly losing Brooke, but Paige’s accident from last week has put her in a boot and off the team for the next 4-6 weeks. And in the dance world, it might as well be a year. Just as you’d expect, Jill smells an opening and immediately pushes herself and Kendall right in with the hopes of replacing Paige on the pyramid. Will Abby finally forgive Jill and give Kendall her spot back? Let’s jump right into tonight’s episode and find out!

Chloe + 1

With Paige out for the next 4-6 weeks, Chloe is in need of a new duet partner and rather than just choosing one of the other girls, Abby actually holds auditions to see who best fits the role. This might seem like the most fair thing to do, but when Kendall is invited to audition alongside the regular team members, the other moms are not having it. Usually one of the more tame mothers, Holly decides to speak up in favor of Nia who she believes deserves the spot more so than Kendall who has been absent and isn’t a permanent member of the team yet.

Even though Kendall’s dance style might blend more with Chloe’s, I can’t say I blame Holly and the other moms for getting upset. I still don’t think Jill and Kendall completely deserve to have any attention given to them yet until they do some major groveling. And just in case you are wondering, ‘what about Maddie?’ Don’t be silly, you know she has her own solo. Why would this week be any different?

Return to Starbound

The girls are taking a routine we haven’t seen yet to Philadelphia that features them as a group of French dancers. It’s a very cute number that clearly impresses the judges when they take home first place overall in the group competition. Maddie and MacKenzie both show off their skills with their solos that bring in a first and second place finish in their respective age categories, and Kendall proves herself to Abby when her duet with Chloe wins first place. But does Abby give them any praise?

A half-hearted ‘congratulations’ is what they receive at best, and rather Maddie’s latest Drop Dead Diva routine is thrown in their faces right at the other girls’ moment of glory. It’s hard not to feel terrible for Maddie who is arguably one of the most humble, yet talented dancers and just wants to quietly celebrate all of her accomplishments. Unfortunately for the other girls, I don’t think Abby will ever stop giving more attention to Maddie … well maybe when MacKenzie gets a little older.

Next week the ALDC faces their arch enemies, and I can’t imagine Cathy is going to be too happy to see her old Candy Apple Jill back with Abby and her team. This should be interesting! What do you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Maddie was the best choice for Drop Dead Diva? Will Brooke be able to dance again next week? Leave your comments and come back next week for your Dance Moms drama!

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