The Big Brother 14 game has been reset and the coaches have entered the game as players. At least that’s the alleged twist. But in reality, several players have become so devoted to their coaches that those relationship dynamics still exist. Dan might just be another player, but he’s still Danielle’s coach and she still treats him that way. That’s great for him, but terrible for her and the newbies.

The HoH Competition

I already live blogged this competition
, so I won’t bore you with the details. Dan continues to play the exact same game he played last time, throwing competitions to appear weak. At least Wil seems to be aware of what he’s doing. Also, Danielle promises Wil safety before he jumps off.

At three hours it gets down to Ian, Danielle and Britney. And that’s when Dan puts on his coach’s hat and gives her a great big pep talk. He claims he’s not her coach anymore, but it’s so obvious that he still is and Danielle still treats him like her coach. This is the obvious problem with the “reset” button, because it isn’t really a reset. Danielle and Shane are still 100 percent devoted to Dan and Britney, and they are both so simple that they will still defer to their coaches when it comes to decisions.

In the end Ian and Britney get Danielle to promise that they won’t go up (not even as a backdoor replacement nominee). So they jump at 3 hours and 15 minutes, giving Danielle the win. Dan jumps in and picks her up like her coach (which he still is) and Shane makes good on a promise to kiss Danielle for the second time. It’s their From Here to Eternity moment.

Reset Button Drama

Obviously a big question is “Who pushed the reset button?” Dan pretty much admits it, but Janelle and Britney deny it to everyone to cover up how badly they want to win. Boogie is miserably depressed that he’s back in the game, and we know that’s the truth because he didn’t push it.

Backdoor Frank Drama

As soon as the twist is confirmed, Dan tells Boogie that Frank was going to get blindsided. Why would he do this? Because he knows the secret is gonna come out sooner or later and he wants to get ahead of the curve. Indeed Joe spills the beans later and Boogie and Frank are left scratching their heads over who to trust since EVERYONE was lying to them and they were both absolutely sure they were safe this past week.

That night Boogie confronts Dan and Britney about it and they both lie about knowing anything about the plan to evict Frank. Britney’s strategy of “Deny, deny, deny” isn’t really gonna work. Dan owns up to his alliance (Danielle, Britney and Shane) about his mistake in telling Boogie about Frank. Danielle doesn’t really care because she’s so high on his Kool-Aid that there’s NOTHING he could do to upset her. Seriously, if he won HoH, she’d probably volunteer to go up as a pawn.

Brains vs. Brawn

In this week’s filler segment, Ian tries to flirt with Ashley, but she’s distracted by one of Shane’s shirtless workouts. Poor Ian, welcome to the real world. Ian might be funnier and smarter than Shane (which he definitely is, because Shane is pretty damn stupid), but all Shane needs to do his take his shirt off and he wins.

Dan’s Nominations

The primary targets for the week are Janelle, Boogie Frank and Wil. Danielle is very wary of Janelle and doesn’t really trust her. But Dan knows that if one of the coaches gets evicted then the target on his back becomes exponentially bigger, so he works his hardest to make sure Danielle doesn’t nominate any coaches.

Dan tells Danielle that she needs to stick to the plan to nominate Wil and Frank to ensure Frank goes home. Danielle is worried that if Boogie plays in PoV and saves Frank, then they’re both in the house. Also, she promised Wil safety and doesn’t want to break her word to him. Dan does his best tap dance to explain that this “doomsday scenario” with Boogie winning PoV won’t happen. But he doesn’t need to work too hard because Danielle willingly admits that they are working together and that she won’t do anything unless Dan agrees with it.

This is where Danielle fails as a Big Brother player and an HoH. She is willing to let Dan tell her what to do and won’t go against him. If he says they need to keep Janelle and Boogie safe, Danielle will listen to him, even if she knows those two are dangerous to HER game.

In the end, Danielle goes against her promise and her gut instinct by doing exactly what Dan told her to do by nominating Frank and Wil. Ugh. Danielle just set the tone for the new season, and it’s letting the coaches completely dominate this game and tell the newbies exactly what to do. Just like last year. Congratulations coaches, you just earned a 1 in 4 chance of winning this game, because there’s no way a newbie will.

The funniest part is that, after nominations are over, Boogie tells the diary room that he’s insulted that he’s not nominated. See, Boogie gets it. Boogie understands that letting coaches stay in this game is the dumbest move any newbie could possibly make.

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