Three phrases I never thought I would say:

1. For the last time, Kate Upton, we’re not going out to dinner so stop calling me!

2. Let me see how this rat poison tastes.

3. Man, what a great episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Well, with Kris Jenner contemplating her mother’s failing health, Bruce’s sleeping spousal abuse and Kourtney considering giving birth at home, this is the best episode this season. Even I can admit that.

Making Time for MJ

Things kick off with Kim hearing that her grandmother, MJ, isn’t feeling so great. Treatments for colon and breast cancer years ago still affect MJ’s health today, and the Kardashian sisters realize they don’t know how long their grandmother may be with them. They ask Kris if she would like to join them in visiting their ailing family member, but Kris remains nervous and noncommittal.

Normally, I’m the first one to tear Kris apart over the smallest things. Couldn’t bring myself to do so while watching this episode. Seeing loved ones grow frail with age can be incredibly difficult, and it’s perfectly normal to be anxious about seeing them.

Bruce Hits Close to Home

It’s perfectly okay to laugh at Bruce smacking Kris in her face while they sleep. Apparently, Bruce is quite a restless sleeper, and sometimes his nocturnal thrashings result in hitting folks. My bet is he’s just faking sleep and taking out aggression towards Kris at night. Every time Kris nags him for laying on the couch all day, he just waits until she’s asleep and smacks her a bit.

[NOTE: That would actually be completely horrible and not funny at all. If you laughed, you’re an awful person.]

Kim and Khloe Think Pregnancy is Awkward

Between these shenanigans, pregnant-as-heck Kourtney decides she may want to give birth at home. Her sisters freak out at this, complaining home births “aren’t natural” and “gross.” Kourtney decides to observe a home birth and find out for herself.

Birth Isn’t a Spectator Sport

However, when Kourtney actually sees a screaming, fluid-filled and epidural lacking home birth in all its glory, she suddenly loses interest. Imagine that.

Kris comes out as this episode’s real winner, spending quality time with her mother and agreeing to visit her more often. Their visit to the San Francisco Zoo together is actually really touching. More than that, Bruce solves his sleep-hitting problem by putting his arm in a sling at night. How comfortable!

For every three awful episodes this season, there’s one good one keeping me from completely despising Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Do you think Kourtney should have explored more alternatives to hospital births? Did Kris and MJ spending time together tug on your heartstrings? Comment and let us know!

Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer

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Daniel Mikelonis

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