If there is one thing that is predictable about Dance Moms, it’s Abby Lee Miller. She now has decided to bring in JoJo from Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and we’ve already seen that JoJo and the Dance Moms girls don’t quite gel. In “JoJo with a Bow Bow,” we know friction will exist. The moms are already mad over the head shots. Any little thing could set them off. Abby knows how to trigger anger with the best, so let’s see what happens.

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The Pittsburgh Triangle

Dance Moms open with the moms discussing Abby’s bad behavior. When Holly asks to address the last competition, Abby doesn’t want to talk about it. Abby points out to everyone in the rehearsal room that she’s the one that everyone watches. How great is it to be Abby?

Oh, tears fall because Maddie will not be going. She will be in LA for a benefit and to pave the way for the Abby Lee Dance Company. Abby reveals the new photos and they do look good. At the bottom is Kendall because she cried. She’s followed by Kalani and Nia. MacKenzie stands out because of her suicide drop. On the top is — wait for it — Maddie. Kalani gets called out for losing and Maddie, who also lost, gets the top spot.

The group dance will be lyrical and about religion. MacKenzie gets a jazz acrobat solo. Just as Nia and Holly think Nia’s got one, JoJo arrives with her mom Jessalynn for the second solo. Jessalynn is determined that JoJo will be a permanent part of Abby’s company. In true Dance Moms style, JoJo decides she’s the next Chloe.

Rehearsal Chaos

As the girls rehearse, the moms get to know Jessalynn, who thinks JoJo is the best thing that ever happened to Pittsburgh. Jessalynn is so sure of herself that she even tells the viewers that MacKenzie is just a cute kid. With every word out of Jessalynn’s mouth, you see Melissa’s tension growing. As JoJo rehearses the solo, “One Heart,” she constantly makes mistakes which she won’t correct. JoJo just can’t be light, frail or angelic.

Abby refuses to pull the “One Heart” number and gets Sarah to join the troupe. This means we are going to get Christy (with a y) back. Oh, this is going to be good! Holly already stated that Jessalynn is rude and obnoxious, and we all know Christy can be the same. What is Jessalynn’s opinion? She finds Christy a thrift shop wearing NASCAR concession stand worker. Jessalynn, you haven’t even met her yet!

Sarah will do “One Heart,” which makes Christy happy. She wants Sarah to get a shot at Hollywood. JoJo will do “Electricity,” which plays to her jazz strengths. As Christy and Jessalynn go at it in the viewing room, poor Kira looks like a deer in the headlights.

As the girls wait for rehearsal, JoJo makes her presence known. Some of her statements get on the other girls’ nerves. Kalani feels that JoJo needs to be quiet. Meanwhile, Sarah’s rehearsal has Abby confident that Sarah will win the mini division with “One Heart.” As the group number progresses, Nia gets called out. She is now to blame if the group loses.

LA, Maddie and Back to Work

Maddie will be performing with Sia in LA in front of 16,000 people. She calls Abby to report in. When Maddie asks about the group routine, Abby is happy with Kalani, but MacKenzie and Nia get hit hard with criticism. Maddie says she misses the girls and offers encouragement.

Kira sees problems immediately when practice resumes. JoJo is delusional and Sarah is scared. Abby is on her phone, which upsets the moms. Abby reminds the viewers that she’s on her phone planning for LA. Where else would her mind be?

At the Competition

The team is welcomed by cheers and the girls start preparing. Abby is late because she’s in New York. Because Maddie is gone, Abby seems to believe she can be gone too. Melissa, the proud mom, shows everyone pictures of Maddie. Jessalynn tells JoJo to “kill her number.” Melissa offers MacKenzie encouragement. Gia is there for the girls and offers coaching encouragement.

Sarah is first and Christy is upset because Abby is MIA. Sarah is good and does actually “look” like Maddie. She is followed by JoJo, who is determined to beat MacKenzie. The dance is good, but I like Sarah’s better.

Suddenly, Abby arrives and is taken to task by Jessalynn and Christy for missing the first two numbers. Of course, Melissa is happy to see her as MacKenzie is up next. MacKenzie is doing “Boom Boom,” which is her style of number. She’s good.

As the group prepares, discussion turns to Abby being MIA. Abby had to go to New York for a court date. I’m not sure if Jessalynn likes that excuse or not, but it’s a true Abby excuse these days.

I’m a little worried about the group dance costumes. As they perform “Something to Believe In,” you can see the moms are worried. The number is interesting and Nia is beautiful with a strong voice. I think the costumes will hurt this piece.

The Awards

Sarah wins first overall in the mini-division. What do you think of that, JoJo? In the Juniors, JoJo gets third while MacKenzie gets first. The group number comes in second and you see the moms’ faces fall. Abby is upset over second. Jessalynn reviews the scores and has something negative to say about Sarah. JoJo tells Abby that she agrees with her mom. Guess obnoxious JoJo has some lessons to learn. Abby takes the girls to thank the judges as the moms get on Jessalynn’s case.

Next time on Dance Moms, Abby demands that the group redeem themselves. JoJo is back and is accused of being a brat. And is Nia finished with the troupe?

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