The Bachelor has aired two episodes so far but it looks like things are about to get steamy as one woman invites herself into Chris Soules’ bed on Monday’s episode. Get a sneak peek after the jump.

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In the video preview released by TV Guide, Jade expresses her frustration over the fact that some girls have already spent so much time with Chris and she hasn’t.

“It’s so strange that some girls are already to that point and we’re not. It’s frustrating to know that there are girls who already have time with him and I haven’t so today I just to make sure that I get in there so I have no regrets,” Jade tells the cameras.

“We’re all curious about your place,” she then tells Chris. “I haven’t seen your place. You want to give me a tour?” 

Of course Chris says absolutely.

“That’s kinda the name of the game. It fuels the fire under my butt,” Jade says before proceeding inside Chris’ place, where Jade tells Chris about how difficult this whole process has been for her as while Chris comforts her and tells her not worry too much and just to have confidence. Then they “test the bed out.”

Meanwhile, another contestant decides to wait for Chris in his hot tub.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Dean Bextor

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