Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz already have good chemistry in real life but once the cameras starts rolling, their on-screen rapport completely transforms into  sexy hot tension that works for the FOX procedural Bones. It’s been there from day 1, says the odd pairing whose about to return to our TV screens on September 17.
“We continually work on each episode and each moment, in each scene, to develop that chemistry,” Boreanaz told iesb.net. “And, in order to develop that chemistry, you have to trust the other person you’re working with. With that trust comes a lot of things that you can’t really share with other people because it’s between the two of us, and I cherish that. She is not only someone I work with, but she has become part of my family. I can look at Emily and say that I enjoy the moments I have with her because they lead to me becoming a better person. And, in doing so, I learn about her, hence we get chemistry. I think that chemistry has developed in the last four seasons, in a very strong way.”

Sure, Booth and Brennan’s relationship is the main reason why I tune in but aside from that, Bones has other things to offer this season, including the arrival of Tamara’s adopted daughter, some sex education and, of course, more bones to investigate.

“I just did a scene with Tamara Taylor, who plays Camille Saroyan, in which she is trying to learn about teaching her adopted daughter about sex. And so, she has this book with a cartoon penis in it. And, I did another scene with Eugene Byrd, who plays Clark Edison. In that scene, he comes back from collecting a bunch of bones from train tracks, and I’m really making him work very hard to gather bones from the victims we are working on,” Deschanel revealed.

At the same time, there’s also that revolving door of assistants that will carry on this season, as well as a collaboration with the FBI, making room for appearances from Booth’s colleagues in the cop circuit.

“We are also investigating doing it with the FBI now, which I think is really interesting because we haven’t seen much of the rookies in Booth’s world. It would be really interesting to see the revolving door of FBI assistants. What’s great about the experience of working with these guys is that they open up the realm of possibilities,” Boreanaz added.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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