It’s been a while since we got a good cliffhanger from Criminal Minds. But that’s exactly what happened amid Shemar Moore’s return for the season 12 finale. The showrunner, Erica Messer, has spoken out about the finale, now that fans have nothing to do but wait months to see what will happen when the show returns for the 13th season.

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We saw the agents (except Reid) get attacked when they went after what they thought was a clue to finally catch Mr. Scratch. Once they realized it was only a trap, it was too late. But Reid had his own issues in the finale that involved Cat claiming she was pregnant with his child.

“It’s tricky,” Messer told TV Guide of the cliffhanger. “We’re usually ahead of the game in terms of breaking stories and stuff and we really had to be this year because of the arc for Dr. Reid. We always sort of knew the ending of the Reid of it all with Aubrey and that beautiful stuff with Gia Mantegna.”

Messer added that they were determined to have the season end with all the loose ends tied up, but a cliffhanger was only right this time around.

She went on to reveal the writers were undecided on whether Scratch would be a predator this season.

“We had debated whether we wanted Scratch to be around. He’s such a great bad guy that if we got rid of him, it’s that thing of you have to create a new one essentially to always be that threat to the team. We just felt like maybe we weren’t done with him yet, so that’s why we have him not only finishing 12 but launching us into 13.”

As for who else will make it into the now highly anticipated season, Messer teased, “I hope so!” when asked if everyone made it out alive. “That’s always the trick of those kinds of endings. If we do make a change, chances are it would be because of that accident. The writers start June 5 and that’s something we’ll hit the ground running with, with what happens after that accident.”

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Messer also said even though Reid wasn’t in the crash, he’ll be facing more battles next season.

What do you think about the season finale? Did you like Shemar Moore’s return? What are your thoughts on Scratch getting away yet again?

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