‘True Blood’ Recap: The Vampire Coup

  • Jul 22, 2012
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The Sanguinistas are in charge. Following last week’s death of Roman on True Blood, this week is all about Russell’s rise to power and the arrival of a very special guest: Lilith. In fact this episode is all about people coming back because we get Tara’s mom, Sheriff Bud Dearborn and even Godric.

Coup d’Vamp

The show finally confirms what we’ve known for three weeks: Salome is the one who brought Russell back. Now Salome, Nora and Russell are running things and taking back the Authority in the name of the Sanguinista movement. Chancellor Dieter objects, so he’s killed quickly.

As for everyone else, Russell, Salome and Nora make them drink the blood of Lilith. This new club includes the rest of the Council, Bill, Eric and Steve Newlin. Lilith’s blood gets them all high and they go out for a night on the town, crashing a karaoke bar and devouring everyone inside.

Once there’s enough blood on the floor, something magical happens. A naked woman (full frontal) arises from the pool of blood. It’s Lilith! That can’t be good for non-vampires, because this is basically their equivalent of the Second Coming.

Everyone seems fine with this, and even Bill and Eric are happy eating humans. But thankfully the ghost of Godric appears to tell Eric that this is wrong and he needs to stop this. I really wish there was a way to unkill Godric, because he’s the best.

Fae No Longer

Sookie learns that, since she’s only half-fae, her powers might run out and she could be normal. This appeals to her, and after a chat with Sam in the hospital, she decides to give it a try. At night Sookie just starts shooting her microwave hands into the sky, trying to use up all of her power so she can be normal and the people around her won’t be targets.

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Hate Is Better Than Love

Hoyt gets taken in by the Obama Mask Gang and decides that joining a hate group is the best way to mend a broken heart. There’s a good chance Hoyt is even dumber than Jason.

The police investigation into the Obama Mask Gang hits some troubles so Andy rushes to see retired Sheriff Bud Dearborn, who I’m excited to see again. I just wish they gave him something to do because he basically blows Andy off to bang a skank in his hot tub. Why bring him back just for that?

Elsewhere Jason goes to see Jessica to cry about how vampires killed his parents, but she’s preoccupied with sucking some random dude’s blood. Jason starts to realize that all vampires are pretty terrible so he shots Jessica in the head. Obviously she’s alive, but still, that’s pretty damn cold.

Pack Battle

Alcide is having sexy training sessions to prepare for his battle with J.D. over who will control the pack. Martha originally sides with J.D., but once she gets definitive proof he’s using V, she seems solidly on Team Alcide.

Tara’s Two Mothers

Tara is working the pole at Fangtasia and her mama shows up to disown her vampire daughter. Luckily Pam is there to comfort Tara, taking on the role of her new mom while also praising Tara’s pole-riding skills.

Take Back the Magic

Jesus drives to Mexico to confront Don Bartolo, the guy who stole Jesus. But the old dude wants to take the brujo magic from Lafayette and put I into his unborn son. To do this he needs to feed his pregnant wife Lafayette’s brain blood, which is as disgusting as it sounds. Luckily for Lafayette the wife wants no part in this and kills Don Bartolo.

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Arlene and Terry Fight to Live and Love

It’s hard to decide if Lafayette or Terry and Arlene’s storylines are the worst this week. Terry is willing to let the ifrit kill him, but Patrick talks him into fighting to live. Arlene also gets motivation to fight for her man by watching their wedding video and getting a pep talk from Holly.

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