In tonight’s episode, Annie (Piper Perabo) teams up with Mossad agent Eyal Lavin (guest star Oded Fehr) to find out how American technology wound up in an Iranian missile.

Putting the Band Back Together

After Auggie’s (Christopher Gorham) arrest, Arthur (Peter Gallagher) takes the OSP job away from him and sends him back to the DPD. As Annie was also recently sent back, the team has been reunited. Annie’s first mission back with her team is to find out how American technology was duplicated and she partners with her flirtatious friend, Eyal. Meanwhile, Joan (Kari Matchett) informs Auggie that he has to undergo mandated therapy or take a leave of absence. Auggie relents, despite his fear that his therapist could find him unfit for the job.

Always Glad to See You

Annie and Eyal have very different approaches to their mission and it causes several heated disagreements that fuel the chemistry between the agents. Perabo and Fehr work well together and it always comes through in the interaction between their characters, even though the show has played their relationship pretty close to the vest thus far. During the course of their mission, Eyal and Annie open up to one another. Eyal tells Annie about his son and Annie gives Eyal the name of her current asset/faux boyfriend. Against Mossad rules, Eyal gives Annie information on Simon that could help her take him down, proving just how much he has come to trust and respect her.

The Long Goodbye

While working together, Eyal seems overly protective of Annie and he eventually reveals that Langley asked him to investigate Annie’s behavior in the field. Annie is horrified at the thought that the CIA is concerned about her but Eyal thinks that is to be expected after the death of a fellow agent. Luckily, Annie and Eyal are successful in their mission and Eyal says his report will reflect that. Once again, the two part ways without acting on their obvious feelings for one another, though Eyal actually sticks around for the goodbye this time. Between her relationships with Eyal and Auggie, Annie is surrounded by sexual tension and I would really like to see one of those relationships play out sometime soon.

Past and Future Problems

Auggie’s first therapy session does not go well and only confirms his belief that it is a waste of time. Yet his therapist’s warning proves true when Auggie loses his cool on a punching bag and winds up returning for another session. Things are also going poorly for Joan and Arthur thanks to a new job opportunity. Arthur could be the new Ambassador to China but Joan does not want to follow him around as his arm-candy and it puts the already struggling couple at an impasse.

One of the best things about this new season is seeing how the characters are being affected by the changes happening in their lives and both of tonight’s secondary storylines were good examples of that. Losing Parker was the last straw in Auggie’s growing frustration and this therapy may get him to examine how his anger is impacting his behavior. Our favorite spy couple has been growing further apart all season and they have now come to a make-or-break point in their marriage. Will Joan and Arthur work things out or go their separate ways?

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