With only two episodes left in True Blood season 5, fans are left with one giant mystery: Who is Warlow?

The vampire who killed Sookie’s parents, all we know about Warlow is that his first name begins with the letter “M” and that, in 1702, he signed a contract with Sookie’s ancestor for the first female faerie in his bloodline (that just happens to be Sookie).

But who is this mystery man? Is he a vampire we’ve already seen operating under an alias, or is he a brand new character coming to terrorize Sookie?

If Warlow is someone we’ve already met, here are my top three guesses as to the identity of the culprit.

Russell Edgington

We know that Russell is obsessed with faerie blood, so it would make sense that he’s after them. Of course if he is Warlow then he probably would’ve known more about Sookie than he’s let on, but it’s still possible.

Eric Northman

The main reason I think Eric is a suspect is that he was the one who killed Claudine, Sookie’s fairy godmother. Claudine stopped Warlow by zapping him after he killed Sookie’s parents, so perhaps Eric, even in his zombie, memory-less state, may have subconsciously targeted her so she wouldn’t reveal the truth about his identity to Sookie.

The Magister

I know “Magister” isn’t actually his name, but it does start with “M,” which is the only possible reason I can think of for the show using his initial and not his actual first name. Even though he’s dead, I would love it if the Magister returned, if only because Zeljko Ivanek is an incredibly talented actor.

What do you think about M. Warlow? Is he a vampire we’ve already met or is he a new character? Whatever the answer is, I think it’s a safe bet we’ll find out before season 5 is over.

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