It looks like True Blood saved the best for last. I’ve been pretty bored with this entire season as we dealt with ifrits and shifter killings that had nothing to do with anything important. But now the show has gotten rid of those distractions and it’s all about vampires and faeries. This week we see Russell return to his former glory while Sookie gets a huge clue in the mystery of Warlow.

The Vampire Authority

The Sanguinistas killed Molly, my favorite new character of the season, which is an unforgivable sin in my eyes. Bill then succeeds in getting Eric to join him by sending him on another blood-fueled trip where he sees Lilith kill Godric. I feel bad for the actress who plays Lilith because she gets no lines and she’s always totally naked and covered in blood. That can’t be a fun make-up session.

While everything seems fine with the vampires’ plan to rule the world, Russell has even bigger ambitions. He finally says “Screw you” to the Vampire Authority and Lilith because he wants to be his own god, and he wants to go after the faerie blood so vampires can walk in the daytime. Finally, it’s all about the faeries.

The First Female Faerie

After a near-death experience where Sookie kills a vampire with chopsticks, she decides to move in with Jason. In the most unusual and shocking twist of the entire series, Jason turns out to be the smart one in their family, figuring out that when Gran told Sookie to look under the bed, she meant under the floorboards. The Stackhouses find a parchment written in some odd language that is obviously fae.

They head over to the faerie club for a quick chat with Claude. He brings in Maurella who is VERY pregnant (I think it’s safe to assume that’s Sheriff Andy’s baby), who translates the writing. It’s a contract signed by Sookie’s ancestor in 1702 promising the family’s first female faerie to M. Warlow. And, wouldn’t you know it, that happens to be Sookie. I wish the show didn’t wait until the final few episodes to introduce this great plot.

Goodbye, Hoyt

Hoyt’s big plan is to move to Alaska to work on an oil rig. But first he visits with Jessica and Jason and makes her glamour him to forget about either of them so he can have a fresh start. She does in a very sad scene, and just like that, I guess Hoyt is gone. I guess I’m getting my wish, because the show is getting rid of characters left and right.

Pam vs. the New Sheriff

At Fangtasia Pam has to deal with the new sheriff, some Criss Angel-looking d-bag who orders her and Tara to create 30 new vampires. Instead, Tara kills him. Pam and Tara have been stuck in their own storyline all season, and it’s better than anything else going on.

Find That Dog Girl

Sam and Luna are working overtime to try and get Emma back from Steve Newlin. They track him to a TV studio and then hop in his luggage for a first-class ticket straight into the Vampire Authority headquarters. I really hope they don’t kill him, because whether Steve Newlin is having a romantic date with Russell at a frat house *after eating all the brothers) or scolding his pet doggy for turning into a human, he’s always entertaining.

And that’s it for this episode (except for Andy and Holly having a romantic dinner courtesy of Lafayette). No Terry and Arlene, no Alcide, and almost everything was connected to the vampires and faeries storylines. True Blood has been pretty lame all season, but now I think it’s finally coming back to its former glory.

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