The alternate universe was a hot topic today on the Fringe panel and rightfully so. Not only does it give the actors the opportunity to play different roles, but also explain their characters on a deeper level. One of the only hints for season three is one of its major themes: duality.

Actually “duality and duplicity” according to J.H. Wyman, It will explore the road not taken, it’s our universe versus the other and how things could have gone.

Below are a few highlights of the cast discussing last season, their characters, and hints to season 3.

Walter on William Bell’s final words: John Noble doesn’t believe Bell speaks the whole truth when Bell explains to Walter why he removed parts of his brain “because of the man [he was] becoming.” Unsure of the true meaning behind Bell’s words Noble said, “I don’t trust that Bell.”

Sam: There has been talk, or rather rumors, on if Sam is real or just in Olivia’s mind, when asked about it, Anna Torv revealed that she believes Sam is 100 percent real and has never questioned otherwise. She believes Sam is Olivia’s guide.

Nina Sharp: Although Blair Brown didn’t say how much, if any, back story we will get this season, she did mention that she believes there is a whole history between her and Peter that has yet to be disclosed. Evidence of this is the way her voice cracked when saying “Peter” in the finale.
Astrid: Even though Astrid is very different in the alt-verse, Jasika Nicole believes her character is more of the same. She didn’t take a different road, the road just looks different because her character is fundamentally different. The alternate Astrid is a bit of a loner and makes quick decisions based on logic, similar to a machine, rather than on emotion.

Also, if you feel like you’re missing the back story of Astrid, be prepared to get a peek into her personal life! Nicole was excited to share that she just filmed a scene in Astrid’s apartment and “it’s very neat.”

Seeing Red: When it comes to the alternate universe Fringe uses a lot of red, a strong contrast from the blue we’re used to seeing. Just like every other detail in the show, there’s a meaning behind it. Red is a color that stands out, like fireman. They are very public figures, like the alternate Fringe team.

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