The Bones panel at Comic-Con this year was full of jokes and surprises, thanks to the unscheduled arrival of star Emily Deschanel. With Emily, David Boreanaz and creator Hart Hanson on stage, there was plenty of humor and a few details on what fans can expect in season 6, including a possible 3-D episode and the latest word on a major death coming this season.

The first major topic is what will happen with Booth and Bones. Late last night they filmed their reunion after the one-year trip that ended last season. Stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel consider the partnership on the show a “crime-solving sandwich” and, joking around about their very different appetites (she’s a vegan and he’s very much not), David promised to be a veggie sandwich if Emily would be a cheeseburger.

The light-hearted joking was present during the whole panel, from Hart Hanson saying that Angel (David’s Buffy character) could beat up any of today’s vampires to claiming that it took so long to get Emily’s sister Zooey on the show because Zooey is so short and didn’t want to stand next to her big sis. David and Emily also teased each other about his F-bombs during the session and her inability to talk directly into the mic.

Regarding the much-talked about big death, all Hart Hanson would say is that the victim will die, as in dead for real. Also, the Grave Digger will return right before the big death.

The panelists also revealed that Bones may do a 3-D episode this season, though they’re only in the early stages. That received mixed reaction, as did an applause poll where they asked the audience if Booth and Bones should be together. While it was close, the majority still leaned in favor of hooking them up.

Overall, the panel may have been light on substance, but heavy in personality. There’s no denying that these three people have a major lovefest going on, which is certainly promising for the long-term prospects of Bones.

John Kubicek

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