There’s something unusual about doing Comic-Con in the middle of a show’s season. While new or old network shows are previewing what’s to come, True Blood is halfway through season 3, meaning there isn’t as much to preview.

Still the panel for True Blood was full of a large portion of the cast and they discussed Sookie’s various relationships and her magical powers, the difference between Charlaine Harris’ novels and Alan Ball’s TV show and dropped a few clues about what fans can expect in season 4.

– According to Anna Paquin, we’ll learn more about what she calls Sookie’s “microwave fingers.”

– Paquin also got a kick out of doing an impression of Stephen Moyer saying “Sookie.”

– Alan Ball encourages the actors to create their own backstories for their characters.

– Obviously True Blood is based on a series of novels by Charlaine Harris, but they both made it clear that the TV show is Alan Ball’s world.

– One difference could be Eric’s choices. The panel was asked if Eric was more loyal to Sookie or Eric, and though there were jokes about wanting both of them, Charlaine Harris mouthed the name Pam.

– Anna Paquin’s favorite moment was a full-on fight scene that is still coming up later this season.

– Though we’re still in the middle of season 3, there was some information on season 4. One character will learn she’s not who or what she thinks she is, becoming a different person. If you’ve read the books, it definitely sounds like season 4 will be all about Sookie discovering what she truly is and what that means.

True Blood is currently in the middle of its third season with new episodes Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

John Kubicek

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