This is a befuddling story.  Consider me befuddled.  Former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken is going to be the father of a child.  And, yet, it’s not because he had sex with a woman.  Jaymes Foster, a record producer who’s produced a couple of Aiken’s records, has been artificially inseminated with Clay Aiken’s seed, if you will.  Foster is reportedly in her late 40’s, and is supposedly a good friend of Aiken’s – when in LA, Clay lives at Foster’s home.  According to sources, the 29-year old Aiken will be an active participant in raising the child.  This news was broken by TMZ and a variety of other gossip sites.  While it isn’t official just yet, the story appears legit.  And, if all this is true, it is incredibly weird. 

What does one make of such a story?  There are the ever-present “Clay Aiken is gay” rumors that have been floating about since he entered into the spotlight on American Idol. If true, I’m not sure if this story makes it more or less likely that Aiken is actually gay.  It’s just not a normal thing for a man to artificially inseminate a female friend twenty years his senior.  It could simply be an innocent gesture, one friend helping out another.  Jaymes Foster, according to reports, divorced her husband a couple of years ago – they had no children.  Perhaps Aiken offered up his DNA to Foster.  If you’re going to be artificially inseminated, then it might as well be a friend.  Better yet, a friend who’s talented. 

But, then there’s the report that Aiken will be an active member of the child’s upbringing.  David Crosby, as far as I know, isn’t helping raise Melissa Etheridge’s baby. Though technically his, I thought the typical course of action in this process was for the seed provider to give what needs to be given, then slink back into the shadows.  After all, if you’re going to provide the DNA and help raise the kid, why not impregnate the woman yourself.  You know, the old-fashioned way. 

We’ll be hearing more about this story in the next few days and weeks, I’m sure, and maybe that’ll help clear up the situation.  Until then, if any of you BuddyTV readers have any possible explanations that I didn’t offer up, please share your thoughts below.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: TMZ, TV Guide
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Oscar Dahl

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