Previously on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila: Chad was sent home for headbutting the crap out of Bo. Lisa turned on the hot/cold crazy switch, George came back with very little fire and Bo became a cyborg (well, he has a metal plate in his jaw).

Jay thought Sirbrina was going to win the whole thing. The Message in a Bottle tells the daters to put on wrestling singlets which excites George, since he’s a wrestler. Each team has two guys and two girls and victory comes with two pins. Oh yeah, the matches are in a ring of gelatin, natch. Bo once again can’t compete, lest he die.

The referee is some fat bald professional wrestler they call the Beast. Lisa goes first against Kristy. Lisa wins in short order. Scotty vs. Jay gets very aggressive, and slightly homoerotic, but that’s inevitable as it involves guys in spandex singlets groping each other in gelatin. Jay wins, putting his team up 2-0. Samantha (on Jay and Lisa’s team) goes against Brittany. Samantha wins (because of her stripper muscles, according to Brittany), so Lisa, Jay, Samantha and Bo get the date. George is sad that he didn’t get to roll around in the gelatin with Jay.

The winners go on a Candy Land date with Tila Tequila. They eat lots of sweets. Samantha takes some alone time to lick up Tila’s body. Bionic Bo gets a nice moment until Jay interrupts it by acting like a loud clown. Tila then invites the losers to the Candy Shoppe where they have a huge food fight. George likes it when Scotty smears chocolate syrup all over his body.

Tila returns and orders them to clean up the mess she instigated. She chains them together and later brings out some cherry pies they must dig through to find a key to unlock them. Kristy doesn’t find her key so Tila makes her stay behind, but Tila also sticks around for some alone time with Kristy.

Message in a Bottle #2 asks the daters to let Tila know who should stay and who should go. This is the cruelest and best game ever. Samantha doesn’t want to play the game because she doesn’t like judging people. In my mind this falls under “People in glass houses,” since she’s a stripper who goes by the name “Glitter.” These results are as accurate as I could get, since the show panned fairly quickly across each vote.

-Scotty should stay 5-2, with Lisa and Jay as the nay votes.
-Samantha should go 6-1, with Lisa as the only yea vote.
-Jay should stay 4-3, with a split down gender lines, the ladies wanting him to stay.
-George should stay 6-1, with Jay as the sole dissenting vote because George is too nice.
-Brittany should stay 4-3, with Bo, Scotty and Jay as the nay votes.
-Lisa should stay, 7-0.
-Bo should go 6-1, with George as his only supporter.
-Kristy should stay 6-1, with Bo as the only opposition.

The third Message in a Bottle of the episode gives Lisa an early safety key for the next elimination because she had the most votes. Because everyone hated Bo, he gets some alone time while everyone else goes outside for a pool party. They eat cockroaches, which somehow leads to Jay, Samantha and Brittany jumping into the pool naked. Samantha is disgusted by Jay’s “shriveled, floppy penis.” Tila excuses herself for a solo date with Bo. The bionic high school football coach is nervous, but Tila still likes him.

A Shot at Love 2 Elimination Time! Samantha is sent home first because she’s too emotional. She cries about how she has lots of love to give. Go back to the pole, Quiz Kid Donnie Smith (kudos to anyone who gets that reference). Scotty is also sent home for being a bland goofball with no real romantic potential. I totally agree with both these decisions.

Next week on A Shot at Love 2: Tila wants to see how far the final six will go, which involves piercings, tattoos and walking on glass. Then everyone has to suck down something disgusting.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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