The 12th season of The Bachelor recently concluded with a Matt Grant choosing celebrity daughter Shayne Lamas over Pharmaceutical sales representative Chelsea Wanstrath from Durango, Colorado.  The season finale featured a bitter end for Chelsea, who expected to win the dating game.  Before walking away from the show, she had a word with Shayne, telling her that she was the “fakest person” Chelsea ever met.  Recently, Chelsea spoke with Reality TV World to discuss what went on her mind as the final rose was given to Shayne, and not to her.

Despite being “completely confident,” Chelsea said, “I definitely thought I was about to get proposed to.  There was almost no doubt in my mind that I was going to end up with him.”  Things took a turn for the worst, though, when Matt decided to let her go.

While some believe that it was the difficulty in opening up with each other that caused Matt to have a strained relationship with Chelsea, she admitted that it did take a while for her to put down her walls.

“I knew I had kind of taken a while to open up to him and develop those kind of feelings and express them,” Chelsea said.  “But I explained to him I wasn’t going to tell him anything unless I meant it. I wasn’t going to rush it unless I meant it.”

It seemed though that when Chelsea did get a chance to finally open up, it was too late.  She admitted that she saw the difficulty in having to compete with 24 other women on the show.

“It’s hard because there are so many other girls, it’s like can he actually fall in love with me if he’s been dating these other women?” she explained.  “When it was down to the final two of us, could he actually fall in love with me when he’s in love with someone else as well?  I questioned that more and just felt I didn’t even know if he has the ability to fall in love with me.”

However, Chelsea still hoped that Matt would pick her instead of Shayne.  Chelsea says that they are two very different people, and she couldn’t understand how Matt could’ve liked them both.  She was also taken aback when Matt told her that Shayne was a lot like her.  But now that the show is over, Chelsea says that she has indeed moved on and wishes the couple the best of luck in their relationship.

“I have no bitter, hard feelings at all,” Chelsea says.  “I would hope that they have a long engagement.  I can’t say I would be shocked if they did get married.  I’d be happy for them.”

Moreover, she believes that it was best that she didn’t get too caught up in the emotional rollercoaster the show had placed on them.

“I went into this thinking that I needed to have a practical head because I didn’t want to get too hurt,” she says.  “I thought I did want to find somebody, I am ready to settle down, and this guy could be him but it also could not be.  So I just kept a level head about it, and if love is there, go for it. If it’s not, then it’s not for you.”

The show has given Chelsea a chance to take a break from her normal day-to-day life and her pharmaceutical job.  She says that she’s happy she got a chance to leave the job and take a break, and is now currently enjoying her free time.  Meanwhile, she is still on the lookout for another job, which fans hope would involve reality TV.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reality TV World
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Valerie Del Castillo

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