There are some people who can keep secrets and some who cannot.  I have friends who are incapable of holding in a piece of gossip for more than a couple hours before they give in to their instinctual desire to spread their knowledge.  Of all the secrets currently tormenting TV fans, there is none greater than the ending of Lost.  What will the last episode of Lost hold, what will it mean, and who does it involve?  What happens in the final scene?  It was though that only Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, J.J. Abrams and maybe a member or two of the Lost writing team were privy to this information.  According to a recent piece by UK’s The Daily Mirror, however, we can add another member to this Lost Series Finale Circle of Trust: Matthew Fox.

When asked if it were true that he knew how Lost would end and how his fellow cast members have responded, Fox said: “Yes, it’s true. They understand I can’t talk about it, but sometimes they’ll ask, just hoping I’ll blurt it out.”  I suppose that knowing where exactly the series is going will help how Fox approaches the character of Jack over the final two seasons.  However, knowledge like that has to be something of a burden – I know I’d have an exceedingly difficult time keeping it to myself. 

The question I’m interested in is this: Why did Darlton tell Fox the ending?  Is it just that Fox holds a lot of clout as the de facto biggest star on Lost?  Or, is it a necessary piece of information for the way Fox handles his character in the future?  Did he have to know in regards to some scenes for this past season?  Regardless of the reason, it also makes it abundantly clear that Jack Shepherd will be a main pillar of Lost until the very final moments of the series.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: The Daily Mirror, Digital Spy
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Oscar Dahl

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