Chuck is back and better than ever in season 4!

You don’t need to be a spy to find out what’s coming next for Chuck. Read on to catch up on all of the excitement in Chuck‘s fourth season. We have Chuck spoilers, episode recaps, casting news, photos and more!

Season 4 Overview
Last season was a time of change for everyone at the Buy More. Chuck and Sarah got together! Morgan and Ellie found out about Chuck’s secret! John Casey discovered an unknown daughter! Chuck’s dad got killed! The Buy More exploded!

The excitement didn’t stop with the end of the season. Although Chuck had promised Ellie to leave the spy life behind, he couldn’t get out that easily. Chuck began his difficult search for his long-missing mom, Mary Elizabeth Bartowski, and found that the truth was more complicated than expected. Meanwhile, with the new and improved Buy More providing a cover for a full-fledged CIA operation, neither Chuck nor Morgan have gotten too far from the spy game.

While it’s tough to spy on the future, we’ll do our best here. Check back regularly to read about more Chuck spoilers, news, photos and much more!

Season 4 Slideshows

  • Women’s Work: 20 Shows Featuring TV’s Most Impressive Women
  • It’s About What? Weird TV Show Premises
  • The Manliest and Unmanliest Men on TV
  • Chuck Episode 4.17 Photos: “Chuck vs. the First Bank of Evil”
  • Chuck Episode 4.16 Photos: “Chuck vs. the Masquerade”
  • Chuck Episode 4.15 Photos: “Chuck vs. the C.A.T. Squad”
  • 10 Valentine’s Day Cards for Your TV-Loving Special Someone
  • Not Quite Heroes: TV’s 20 Biggest Wannabes
  • Gratuitous Shirtlessness: TV’s Most Overexposed Men
  • The Name Game: TV Characters with the Same Name
  • The More You Know: What TV Shows Teach Us
  • Chuck Dodged a Bullet: Bad Baby Names on TV
  • TV Families Gone Bad: Children vs. Parents
  • Chuck Photos: Episodes 4.13 and 4.14
  • Golden Globes 2011: Red Carpet Photos
  • The 15 Most Dangerous Characters on TV
  • 11 Chuck-Themed New Year’s Resolutions for 2011
  • Ho Ho Ho: TV’s Jolliest Characters
  • 20 Best and 10 Worst Moments of Chuck in 2010
  • The 50 Best TV Episodes of 2010
  • The End Is Near: Top 10 Signs of the Coming Apocalypse from 2010
  • Love Is All Around: Best TV Relationships of 2010
  • Changing Your Name: Captain Awesome and Other Fake Chuck Names to Use
  • Top 10 of ’10: Best Shows of the Year
  • TV’s 100 Sexiest Women of 2010
  • TV’s 100 Sexiest Men of 2010
  • Faking It: TV Actors Who Don’t Use Their Real Accents
  • The Most Dangerous Cities on Television
  • Jerks, Freaks and Losers: The Socially Awkward Characters We Love
  • Politely Taking over the Airwaves: Canadians on TV
  • Chuck Episode 4.9 Photos: “Chuck vs. Phase Three”
  • Veterans on TV: Fictional Characters with Military Service
  • Locating Walter Sherman: Casting Ideas for the Bones Spin-Off
  • Chuck vs. Everybody: Chuck’s Most Formidable Foes
  • Chuck Episode 4.8 Photos: Summer Glau at the Buy More!
  • And Now an Appearance by Our Sponsor: Product Placement on TV
  • If Television Were More Like Politics: TV Show Attack Ads
  • Halloween Special: If TV Shows Were Scarier…
  • A Whole Lot of Chuck: Episode Photos, News and More
  • Spooky, Sexy and Weird: TV’s Top Halloween Costumes
  • Don’t Eat That: Inappropriate TV-Themed Halloween Treats
  • Please Come Back: TV Characters Who Should Return
  • Three’s a Crowd: TV’s Best Love Triangles
  • Hello Boys! The Shirtless Men of Fall TV
  • Chuck Episode 4.5 Photos: “Chuck vs. the Couch Lock”
  • Chuck Versus the Guest Stars: The Best of Season 4 (So Far)
  • Chuck Episode 4.4 Photos: “Chuck vs. the Coup D’Etat”
  • Bad-Ass Mothers: TV’s Best Moms Who Kick Butt
  • Chuck Photos: Episode 4.2 and 4.3
  • Zoinks! TV’s Best Scooby Gangs
  • The Top 10 Game-Changing Moments in Chuck
  • Crime-fighting Couples and the Rough Road to TV Romance
  • The French Connection: 10 Great Parisian TV Adventures
  • Chuck Season 4 Premiere Photos with Linda Hamilton

Season 4 News

  • What Would TV Do? Party!
  • Chuck Video: When They Were Bad…
  • What Would TV Do? Awards Shows
  • What Would TV Do? Dating
  • It’s Never Too Early for a Good “Save Chuck” Campaign
  • Chuck News: Guests, Pregnancy and a Wedding?
  • Gossip Girl Hits All-Time Low and More Monday Ratings Analyses
  • What Would TV Do? Vacations
  • Chuck News: Casting and Upcoming Episodes
  • Three Routes to Romance: Bones, Castle and Chuck
  • Can You Handle Even More Chuck Spoilers?
  • The Future of Chuck: Spoilers and News
  • What’s Coming for Chuck in 2011
  • Letters to Santa: Our TV-Related Christmas Wishes
  • What Would TV Do? Holiday Shopping and Gift-Wrapping
  • Preview Video for “Chuck vs. the Leftovers”
  • Shipping News: Jess and Nick, Eva and Tony, Chuck and Sarah
  • What Would TV Do? The Proper Celebration of Thanksgiving
  • Lost, Cancer, Zombies and Teen Moms: What We’re Thankful for on TV This Year
  • “Chuck vs. the First Fight” Preview: Mom, Trust and Bond
  • Chuck Set Visit: Behind the Scenes with Zachary Levi, Linda Hamilton and More
  • Face Your Fears: “Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror” Preview
  • Chuck Preview Video: “Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror”
  • Chuck and Chase Get Full Seasons
  • NBC Places Full-Season Orders for The Event, Law & Order: Los Angeles and Outsourced
  • Chuck Video: Casey’s Dead!
  • Chuck News: Guest Stars, Guest Stars and More Guest Stars
  • 2010 Halloween Specials: Get Spooked
  • Chuck Grabs Riggle
  • Guns, Relationships and Hair
  • Chuck vs. the Mysterious Mom: Good or Bad?
  • Chuck Brings Summer Glau to the Buy More
  • Chuck Is Back! Season 4 Premiere Videos and Teasers

Season 4 Quotes

  • Best Chuck Quotes from “Chuck vs. the First Bank of Evil”
  • Best Chuck Quotes from “Chuck vs. the Masquerade”
  • Best Chuck Quotes from “Chuck vs. the C.A.T. Squad”
  • Best Chuck Quotes from “Chuck vs. the Push Mix”
  • Best Chuck Quotes from “Chuck vs. the Gobbler”
  • Best Chuck Quotes from “Chuck vs. the Balcony”
  • Best Chuck Quotes from “Chuck vs. the Leftovers”
  • Best Chuck Quotes from “Chuck vs. Phase Three”
  • Best Chuck Quotes from “Chuck vs. the Fear of Death”
  • Best Chuck Quotes from “Chuck vs. the First Fight”
  • Best Chuck Quotes from “Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror”
  • Best Chuck Quotes from “Chuck vs. the Couch Lock”
  • Best Chuck Quotes from “Chuck vs. the Coup D’Etat”

Season 4 Episode Recaps and Reviews
Episode 4.17: “Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil”
Episode 4.16: “Chuck Versus the Masquerade”
Episode 4.15: “Chuck Versus the C.A.T. Squad”
Episode 4.14: “Chuck Versus the Push Mix”
Episode 4.13: “Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible”
Episode 4.12: “Chuck Versus the Gobbler”
Episode 4.11: “Chuck Versus the Balcony”
Episode 4.10: “Chuck Versus the Leftovers”
Episode 4.9: “Chuck Versus Phase Three”
Episode 4.8: “Chuck Versus the Fear of Death”
Episode 4.7: “Chuck Versus the First Fight”
Episode 4.6: “Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror”
Episode 4.5 “Chuck Versus the Couch Lock”
Episode 4.4 “Chuck Versus the Coup D’Etat”
Episode 4.3 “Chuck Versus the Cubic Z”
Episode 4.2 “Chuck Versus the Suitcase”
Episode 4.1 “Chuck Versus the Anniversary”

Personality Quizzes
Which Chuck Spy Are You?
Which Buy More Employee Are You?
Which Chuck Character Are You?

Did you miss anything last season? Want to catch up on your season 3 knowledge before you move on to season 4’s Chuck spoilers, photos and news?
Season 3 Episode Recaps and Reviews

Episode 3.1 “Chuck Versus the Pink Slip”
Episode 3.2 “Chuck Versus the Three Words”
Episode 3.3 “Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte”
Episode 3.4 “Chuck Versus Operation Awesome”
Episode 3.5 “Chuck Versus First Class”
Episode 3.6 “Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler”
Epsiode 3.7 “Chuck Versus the Mask”
Episode 3.8 “Chuck Versus the Fake Name”
Episode 3.9 “Chuck Versus the Beard”
Episode 3.10 “Chuck Versus the Tic Tac”
Episode 3.11 “Chuck Versus the Final Exam”
Episode 3.12 “Chuck Versus the American Hero”
Episode 3.13 “Chuck Versus the Other Guy”
Episode 3.14 “Chuck Versus the Honeymooners”
Episode 3.15 “Chuck Versus the Role Models”
Episode 3.16 “Chuck Versus the Tooth”
Episode 3.17 “Chuck Versus the Living Dead”
Episode 3.18 “Chuck Versus the Subway”
Episode 3.19 “Chuck Versus the Ring: Part 2”

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