Only one short weekend remains before the season 4 premiere of Chuck, and it does not take the full might of a major spy organization to know that the episode will be a doozy. When last we saw him, Chuck was reeling from the loss of his father and the unexpected possibility of regaining his mother. Also, he beat the bad guy, got the girl and promised Ellie he’d quit being a spy.

Not much, really. And the fourth season has some pretty major work to keep up the thrill of these plots.

In the interest of not spoiling a truly explosive first episode, you won’t find many show details here. Instead, be content (or hopelessly anxious, if that works for you) with a few major developments.

Chuck Is Out of the Spy Game
Or is he?

The Search for Mom
Despite Ellie’s request that he quit, Chuck wastes no time in mounting a mission to find his long-lost mother. That said, Chuck may not have his standard governmental assistance this time.

Don’t Fear the Repo
Chuck and Morgan run into money troubles. A singularly awesome repo man adds to those troubles. But don’t worry, this is a major advantage in the end.

The Buy More Is Back
Yes, everyone’s favorite electronics superstore went to its high-tech reward at the end of season 3, but it’s back now. And better than ever. Possibly with a few new faces this season…

There’s a New Bad Guy in Town
Chuck’s mom-hunt, along with some more standard spy work by Sarah and Casey, brings the team into contact with an organization run by the mysterious Volkoff. Although we don’t meet Volkoff in the premiere (or do we?), **Rocky fans will love one of his henchmen.

Ellie’s Got a Surprise
Not to give anything away, but it’s probably a pretty big deal. His sister’s news sets up both happiness and guilt for Chuck.

Chuck and Sarah’s love remains strong, but the pair starts to feel the strain of the long-distance relationship. Fortunately, technology saves the day – in more ways than one.

Not enough for you? Then check out these promo videos that give hints to the premiere episode and to the entire fourth season.

Zachary Levi gives viewers a taste of season 4.

Back in the Buy More again…

It’s not like you just quit the CIA, after all.

Old team, new Castle.

Trouble from a very, very bad guy.

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