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Farewell My Boys

TBS announced today that after four seasons they are canceling My Boys. I never watched the show but I always kind of liked that it was there, doing its thing. My friend’s family loves the show; they will be very sad to see it go. [EW]

Marlo’s Back…
Lie to Me nabbed a stellar guest star for their third season premiere (November 10) in Jamie Hector. Hector is mostly known/feared for playing Marlo Stanfield on HBO’s The Wire. Dr. Cal better watch his back. [THR]

True Lies: The TV Show
After conquering the world of cinema with films like Aliens, Titanic and last year’s Avatar, James Cameron is now looking to take over TV. He is in talks to turn his 1994 film True Lies into a TV series. The movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and is about an undercover government spy. Cameron has dabbled in TV before with mixed reception (remember Dark Angle?) but after the success of Avatar I’m sure there will be a big bidding war for this one. [Deadline]

Kaley Cuoco Takes a Spill
The Big Bang Theory will be without Penny for at least one episode. Kaley Cuoco was in a horseback-riding accident last weekend and broke her leg in the process. She was written out of the episode TBBT is currently filming but there is no report as to how much she will miss. Get well soon Penny! [EW]

Australia, Get Ready for an Oprah Invasion
In an effort to outdo herself, Oprah pulled out the big guns on the season premiere of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Instead of giving everyone there a free car, her majesty surprised the entire audience of 300 “ultimates” (her words) with a free trip down under! [EW]
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