This week The Vampire Diaries goes to the carnival, and the result is mayhem. There’s death, fire, blood, a fight, arm wrestling and plenty of other vampire goodness. The episode is really all about Caroline’s newfound vampire nature and Damon’s latest obsession with the Lockwood family secret, which isn’t really a secret if you’re paying attention.

Caroline’s New Life

After waking up from being dead, Caroline starts her vampire life by grabbing a blood bag from another patient and drinking it like it’s a Capri Sun, using the IV tube as a straw. That’s one clever girl.

She gets out and goes to the carnival, because Caroline is under some crazy delusion that she can live a normal life as a vampire. She gives Damon Katherine’s message before going off to get some blood from a hot young carnie named Carter who Bonnie was crushing on pretty hard. That story won’t go anywhere, because Caroline kills him.

Once Damon tells Elena and Stefan that Caroline is a vampire, he suggests staking her. He sees that this storyline is just Vicki 2.0 and he wants to skip to the end. I’m pretty sure Damon is just the writers’ room’s voice of reason.

Damon tries to kill her, but he gets stopped by Stefan. Bonnie arrives to find out that her friend is a vampire, largely due to the fact that Bonnie forced Damon to feed his blood to her. Blaming herself, and angry that the hot carnie she flirted with is already dead, she uses her witch powers to try and set Damon on fire. Luckily she fails when Elena stops her, but the point was made: Bonnie can kill Damon if she wants to.

In the end, Stefan agrees to take Caroline under his wing and teach her to be a vampire while, in a less natural bond, it seems Damon and Jeremy are becoming friends despite the fact that Damon killed Jeremy in last week’s episode. That kid is very good at forgiveness.

What are the Lockwoods?

In case you don’t already know what the Lockwood family secret is, this episode dropped about a thousand hints.

First, after working out and getting all hot and sweaty, Mason asked Tyler if his rage episodes happen once a month at night. You mean like during a full moon, perhaps?

Second, at the carnival, Bonnie tells Elena that the ring toss booth is all out of Team Jacob t-shirts. I guess the people of Mystic Falls are big Taylor Lautner fans.

Third, after Mason beats Stefan at the carnival’s arm wrestling booth Stefan makes a joke to Damon that maybe he’s a ninja turtle or a zombie or a werewolf. Stefan’s joke isn’t so funny, really.

Fourth, when Damon manipulates the Lockwoods into a fight, Stefan sees Mason’s eyes glow after he jumps around like a dog on the hoods of the cars. Or maybe like some type of wolf-like creature.

Fifth, Mason tears through the house looking for a weird moon stone. Tyler knows where it is, but keeps it for himself since Mason won’t explain what’s going on with him.

Have you figured it out yet? Once a month, Team Jacob, dog-like reflexes and a full moon stone. If you guess anything other than werewolves, you are no longer allowed to watch The Vampire Diaries.

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